Change of Telephone Number

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As we upgrade our bandwidth with digital technology, this also includes improving our phone systems.  Due to these upgrades, please make note of our new telephone number:  901-498-5570……Now on to Case Studies.




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PelAir_1485New-Tech is excited to announce the launch of Pelican Air, the lightest polymer protective cases on the planet.

Pelican Air cases have been designed to reduce weight without compromising durability.  They are up to 40% lighter, which means a huge savings in shipping cost.  They are still guaranteed for life.

With the launch of the Pelican Air cases, we have redefined the future of protection with a remarkable union of light and tough.  Call New-Tech Packaging to learn how Pelican Air can help you.


FBA Membership

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New-Tech is excited to announce their new membership to the Fibre Box Association – FBA.  The FBA is a non-profit trade association that represents Northern American corrugated packaging manufacturers and strives to grow, protect and enhance the overall well-being of the industry by providing member-valued programs and services.

We are looking forward to a great partnership with a strongly driven organization.

AICC Membership

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New-Tech is pleased to announce that they are a proud member of AICC – The Independent Packaging Association.

AICC represents a majority of the independent packaging manufacturers and their suppliers.  AICC is dedicated to strengthening the independents position in the marketplace through programs and publications that empower its members to compete successfully in a rapidly changing industry and an increasingly competitive and global business environment.

We are excited to be partners with such a great company.

Mathias Named to PDA Board

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New-Tech Packaging is pleased to announce that Michael Mathias has been named to the Board of Directors of the Packaging Distributors of America-PDA.  (           

PDA is a national organization group of independent packaging distributors who help customers benefit from solutions designed specifically to save money, optimize packaging and improve processes.

New-Tech is proud to be a part of this great organization and for Mathias to be honored with this appointment.



Slashing Freight Costs Through Intelligent Packaging

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Box with Money

When carriers introduced rate changes in 2015, based on a package size, New-Tech was ready to help by analyzing our customers’ cartons and shipping patterns to deliver significant freight savings. 




  • Small package ground shipments are now priced on their size or dimensional weight, just like air shipments.
  • Businesses are rewarded when using smaller, fuller boxes, making intelligent packaging a strategic cost-saver.

Challenge:  New-Tech was asked by one of Memphis largest medical device suppliers to uncover ways to reduce their shipping costs. Dimensional weight savings emerged as a significant cost driver.

Solution:  New-Tech evaluated all of the packages and respective dimensional weights, including returnable totes and suitcases, adjusting sizes or substituting with alternative designs.

Benefit:  Three broad project areas emerged with direct cost reductions of $300k, $700k and $100k – a total annual savings of $1.3 million in freight costs.



Flexonator Energizes New-Tech

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IMG_8707New-Tech is excited by the long anticipated arrival of our new $1+ million dollar Flexo Folder Gluer.

With speeds approaching 300 boxes per minute, the machine prints in two colors and has a separate die cutter section giving immense capability of the styles of boxes it can produce.

New Addition to the New-Tech Family

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Sales CoreyNew Tech is pleased to announce the addition of Corey Oselies to the New-Tech family. He comes to us after 8 years in the commercial furniture business, serving the most prestigious Memphis businesses. He focused on creating dynamic work environments through creative design and collaboration with customers.

At New-Tech, Corey will use creative ways to improve his customers’ packaging and reduce their costs. His background in design and focus on creating positive customer experiences is a major asset to the New-Tech Team. With an emphasis on packaging solutions, Corey is sure to bring value and innovation to our customers.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Project

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C-Spray SPF50 TwinPk - for webThe Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification project for New Tech Quality Systems Manager Brandon Beal and Quality Assurance Engineer Carlton Radford is a redesign of a production line used to assemble and package Coppertone Twinpacks. The packaging line is laid out more efficiently and follows Lean Manufacturing processes to reduce waste and improve efficiency. While still evaluating the realized improvement Brandon and Carlton remain confident that the project will result in savings for New-Tech and certification from MSQPC who has trained and is certifying them.


New-Tech Packaging Joins Healthcare Packaging Consortium

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New-Tech Packaging is proud to announce our membership in the Healthcare Packaging Consortium at Christian Brothers University!

The consortium, consisting of members from various segments of the packaging industry, seeks to advance the knowledge related to healthcare packaging through education and research.

Members join the consortium by invitation only, and we are honored to be part of this outstanding group!