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Blister Packaging

Our rotary blister machines manage both traditional heat heal coatings and the newest, high speed cold seal coatings.

Blisters have been a popular choice in retail packaging for many years, providing a cost-effective means of displaying a product line. Blister Packaging is preferred by most retail stores for its theft protection, clear visibility of product, and for graphics and information to advertise the product. It offers everything that retail stores need to display and sell their product quickly and effectively. New-Tech Packaging is excited to bring many years of experience in blister packaging, and add value to your next project.

Blister Package / Clamshell Package - Outsourced Packaging Manufacturer / Supplier / Vendor
Clamshell Package (Contract Packaging)

Clamshell Packaging

A clamshell is a custom thermoformed tray that is typically designed with two halves sometimes connected by a hinge. This package is selected by companies who have a heavy or expensive retail item that requires tamper–proof protection. These packages can be designed with a foot for stand alone purposes, or holes for hanging on retail displays. The benefits of a clamshell include:

  • Excellent product visibility and protection
  • Unique or complex shapes, die cuts or design criteria
  • Space for insertion of quality graphic cards for advertising
  • Wide variety of film and board options
  • Theft and tamper resistant design

Welded clamshells may still be required for security on more valuable products, and New-Tech provides RF welding to seal them. New-Tech also uses simpler button–seal clamshells.


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