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New-Tech Packaging Inspection / Rework Services

Package Inspection to Identify Defective Products.

Package Inspection

Contract pkg inspectionOver the years we have done some very unusual things! To ensure quality in the marketplace, our customers have asked us to shake, rub, squeeze, x-ray, listen to, read, smell, count, and thoroughly inspect their products. We separate the good from the bad and package the sellable product. The defective goods can sometimes be reworked, otherwise they are destroyed or are returned.

And of course we handle defect issues with confidentiality and discretion to protect our customers’ good name in the marketplace.

New-Tech Packaging Inspection / Rework Services

Relabeling / Repackaging Products With Packaging or Labeling Errors or Inaccuracies.

Package Rework

When something goes wrong or when your product needs to be changed, New-Tech is here to help. We can inspect your product and relabel or repackage it, changing the unit count or adding something that your customer needs. We are the final link between you and your customer, so we will devote the attention.