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New-Tech Packaging Proudly Offers These Shrink Packaging Services:

Shrink Banding / Shrink Sleeving

Shrink Banding

New-Tech creates millions and millions of these packages annually. We design, supply and package using both printed and unprinted sleeves.

Shrink Banding (or Sleeving) is the process of placing film over a container(s) and shrinking the tube tightly around it by means of heat or steam. The tube can be used as a tamper-resistant seal or a retail label. This is extremely popular for Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions.

Shrink Wrap / Shrink Wrapping Product Packaging

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink-wrapping is accomplished by sealing a piece of shrinkable film around an object and then shrinking the film, conforming it to the exact size of an outer box product. This tamper resistant covering is very common at the retail level on products such as gift sets, software and games. The gloss effect created by the film tends to give a product or box a sharper appearance.

Shrink Wrapping is used to hold individual items together into a group as sold in wholesale cubes, to wrap and seal boxes like cosmetics and perfumes, to attach promotional literature to products or to hold thin items like gaskets and posters to a cardboard backing.

Shrink Bundling - Placing products in shrink bundles, sometimes with modified labels, often for product distribution at major retailers or club stores.

Shrink Bundling

Major retailers often want products wrapped into bundles with specific counts. New-Tech excels at this service, wrapping products in polyethylene shrink film according the the requested count. Often this is done from an open stock case, bundled, and replaced into the same carton, with modified labeling to support the new SKU.

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