Design is the foundation of great packaging and is at the heart of New-Tech’s approach to creating value for our customers. We create designs with the appropriate materials for your product’s size, weight, and degree of fragility, making it retail-ready when appropriate.

Abraham Maslow wrote, If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem tends to look like a nail. Some suppliers work in corrugated. Others in foam or plastic. They can only design using the type of materials with which they are familiar. But New-Tech has a wide range of tools covering the full gamut of design and packaging materials. We design custom structural packaging, protective packaging, and retail promotional packaging. We work with corrugated, foam, plastic and wood, marrying these different types of materials to create optimum designs. We also use off-the-shelf, readily available products and customize them for specific applications with other materials. Once complete we work with ISTA-certified packaging labs to ensure that our designs pass vibration, compression and drop tests.

Seen on retail store shelves, this package uses 100% post-consumer recycled PET and has features to speed assembly into club store trays, making it extremely cost effective.

Base Pad

Here we have married EPS foam to a die cut corrugated pad to create a base pad, used to manufacture air conditioners on the factory floor.




Polyurethane foam in plastic corrugated case

Here we have joined polyurethane foam and plastic corrugated with belts and buckles to create an ATA certified, returnable case for the avionics industry.




Blister Packaging, Suncare product, Contract PackagingThis package uses a new, patented cold-seal technology to speed package sealing.




injection molded plastic tote, foam and plastic corrugated insert, returnable package.

This is an injection molded plastic tote with a foam and plastic corrugated insert used to ship surgical trays. It is a returnable package that gets hundreds of uses.




wooden crate

This wooden crate is created for the US Military. It uses a dual suspension system with foam and springs. New-Tech loads the product and literally builds the crate around the product for the product’s manufacturer.