New-Tech’s wide range of protective foam materials has brought us to the forefront of the protective packaging market.

Our in-house foam fabrication plant gives us the capability to create custom foam packaging products for our customers. New-Tech also carries a wide range of off-the-shelf foam products.

View our Foam solutions at-a-glance:

Polyethylene Foam Packaging | Polyurethane Foam Packaging | EPS Foam Packaging | Microfoam Packaging | Foam In Place Packaging | Adhesive Foam Packaging | Temperature Protection

polyethylene foam protects printer

Polyethylene Foam Packaging

New-Tech converts polyethylene (PE) foam packaging, die cutting and building assemblies in-house. PE foam is a cost-effective cushioning system, with a high strength-to-weight ratio while using less material than alternatives. For Class A surfaces New-Tech offers cross-linked foam and special soft ethylene surfaces. After designing your package, New-Tech tests each product to assure package performance.

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polyurethane foam inside plastic corrugated case

Polyurethane Foam Packaging

Polyurethane (PUR) foam provides a softer cushioning curve and is ideal for lightweight, fragile products and is often used to line suitcases. New-Tech manufactures convoluted PUR (egg-crate foam) and die-cut PUR assemblies. New-Tech will customize and die-cut PUR to your specific product.

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EPS Foam in Cooler

EPS Foam Packaging

New-Tech designs and cuts expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging in-house. New-Tech also works with molded EPS for cooler boxes, protective end-caps and fillers. In addition to EPS, New-Tech also works with expanded polyolefin, which is less abrasive and provides surface protection as well as cushioning.

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Microfoam packaging

Microfoam Packaging

New-Tech offers polypropylene sheet microfoam, the only low density polypropylene sheet foam product on the market. These protective sheets guard easily scratched surfaces, are capable of insulation, and are lightweight, resilient and flexible. These materials come slit and perfed to the correct size or can be converted into pouches, bags and sheets for your custom application.

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Foam In Place Packaging

Foam In Place Packaging

The Intellipack Foam-in-Place system produces polyurethane foam packages, which are fast, flexible and easy to use. New advances allow this foam to be free form, molded on-site or in advance, and ready to use upon delivery for your specific needs. From foam cushioning to void fill, this system is the most cost-effective when compared with competitors, increasing productivity and cutting down on costly waste and downtime. Its bar coding features and smart ergonomic design contribute to its success at packaging and protecting for multiple purposes.

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Adhesive Foam Rolls

Adhesive Foam Packaging

New-Tech offers adhesive foam products from the most common adhesive foam tape to custom adhesive foam applications such as foam roof and floor underlayment.

New-Tech is also a supplier of more standard types of adhesive foam, such as adhesive foam tape. We offer double-sided foam tape, single-sided foam tape, VHB foam tape, and many more adhesive foam products for specific applications.

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Temperature Protection

In addition to the above foam products, New-Tech produces temperature-controlled packaging including foam coolers and temperature-controlled foam inserts and linings. Working in conjunction with outside laboratories, New-Tech can provide turnkey design and validation for your next temperature controlled foam project.

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