Environmentally Friendly Packaging - Reducing Packaging Waste

Environmental Concerns In Packaging

Often, companies only want to appear environmentally conscious, because being seen as environmentally insensitive might be bad for business. Unfortunately, as many in the packaging business know, being environmentally unsound usually means that the packaging economics are also unsound. Being a value-driven, cost-conscious packaging professional will, at least 90 percent of the time, produce environmentally favorable results as well.

At New-Tech we strive for significant packaging cost-reductions. In packaging, this almost inevitably leads to an outstanding environmental scorecard for us and for our customers. As we assist the customer by decreasing the packaging cube size, for instance, we decrease the cost of materials and freight. At the same time, we reduce the amount of material going into the waste stream. The packaging industry has a unique opportunity to significantly impact the environment while better serving the customer.

Case Study

Brewer Saves $400,000+ Annually

Packaging for Food & Beverage Industry - Beer Brewer Cuts Expenses With Improved Packaging

In adhering to green practices, New-Tech:

  • Converts PVC plastics to recycled PET whenever possible (one of the instances where being environmentally conscious is slightly more expensive)
  • Offers recycled options in new packaging specifications and designs, like 100% OCC recycled corrugated
  • Recycles hundreds of tons of corrugated fiber and foam from within the manufacturing facility
  • Advocates and designs reusable and returnable packaging wherever possible
  • Consistently reduces package cube size in designs, saving materials, fuel and space
  • Implements refurbishing programs to repair damaged packaging and extend its useful life
  • Proactively gains knowledge and trains employees on more environmental packaging practices


We haven’t stopped here. We continue to pay attention to advancements in environmental stewardship, particularly from those working first-hand with environmental policy in industry. Cradle to Cradle, by McDonough and Braungart, explores how companies and individuals can re-think their environmental impact and builds a case for why we must do so.


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