New-Tech’s Quality Management System

Claritin PackagingIf you’re an FDA regulated company or a manufacturer that operates under an ISO quality system, then you know the importance of working with suppliers that have the same quality-focused mindset.  

It’s absolutely critical that your suppliers adhere to the same rigorous quality standards that you do.  

You need suppliers that know they can’t change materials without prior approval.  You need to have confidence that once a specification is established, your suppliers will follow those specifications without fail.  You need dependable suppliers that you can count on.  

You need New-Tech Packaging.

What Are Your Specific Quality Requirements?

Are you looking for an FDA registered company?  New-Tech is a registered FDA repackager and relabler.  New-Tech follows 21 CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820. This allows New-Tech to package over the counter drugs and medical devices.

Do you have controlled substances that need to be repackaged or relabelled? New-Tech is registered with the DEA to handle List 1 drugs, and have controlled storage to protect and secure your drugs.

Are you ISO Certified?  You know the value of having suppliers who also have a certified quality system. New-Tech is ISO 9001:2015.

A Supplier Who Speaks Your Language

Quality PackagingIf you’re FDA regulated, ISO certified, or if you’re handling controlled substances, you absolutely need a supplier with the same certifications, who speaks the same language, and operates in the same universe that you do.

New-Tech Packaging is unique in that most packaging companies don’t follow this level of quality. Most packaging companies don’t do 70% of their business with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies either though. New-Tech does.

New-Tech understands your strict quality requirements and speaks your language.

A Commitment to Outstanding Quality

In the “FDA World” of the medical and pharmaceutical packaging business, mislabeling a case is one of the biggest sins that can be made.  If the wrong label gets put on a box, people can die.  We understand our responsibility to be accurate and trustworthy.

If you’re looking for a packaging supplier that you can trust – someone that will do what they say and that has their “STUFF” together – then look no further than New-Tech Packaging.

New-Tech has extensive quality certifications and we already serve some of America’s leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. We’d love to serve you too!

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Packaging solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper.


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Packaging design to protect products, reduce expense, and maximize sales.


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