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Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Better Faster CheaperToday’s business is tasked to do more with less. Managers have to beat last year’s sales and profit objectives and still reduce headcount and expenditures. New-Tech brings expertise to helps businesses do their packaging better, faster, and cheaper.

Stop Treating Packaging Like A Commodity.

New-Tech PackagingToo often, packaging is treated like a commodity – with the focus being placed on the visible packaging materials. Businesses are pressed for time and resources; they often lack details to make informed decisions to improve their packaging decisions.

Purchasers can go to the Internet and search out the lowest prices for boxes or other packing materials, and think that they’re getting the best deal. The costly mistake is that they’re buying the same items — without innovation or improvements. Even if they buy these materials as cheaply as possible, they are repeating the insanity of doing what they’ve always done – treating packaging like a commodity — missing better choices to make the process faster at a lower, cheaper total cost.

It’s easy to get caught up in the line item expense of packaging, but that line item expense is just the tip of the iceberg. The true cost of packaging can only be realized when you evaluate the portion of the iceberg that’s hidden below the water – freight costs, dimensional weight, labor costs, damage costs, etc.

At New-Tech, we take the time to analyze the details of your products and focus on the really massive cost savings that are hidden below the surface. We transform packaging from a commodity with our ability to design unique, problem-solving solutions.

This sets us apart and provides extraordinary value to our customers. New-Tech is a technology company, working in a commodity industry. We can provide you with better materials, better ideas, and better innovations to deliver on our promise of Better. Faster. Cheaper.


From purchasing to logistics and from engineering to management, packaging plays a vital role in the success of your business. At New-Tech, we understand that your expectations for your packaging may vary, depending on your roles and responsibilities within your company. Purchasers are tasked with finding the absolute lowest line item costs. Logistics needs to get the product to the customer with the lowest possible freight cost. Engineers are tasked with protecting the product and minimizing damage expenses. Meanwhile, upper management has to evaluate the bigger picture, taking all aspects into account to find the best possible return on investment.

At New-Tech, we understand that everybody has a job to do. We’ll work hand in hand with you and the other departments within your company, to make sure that everybody’s needs are met perfectly.


You’re already packaging your products. You just need to package them better, faster, and cheaper. That’s where New-Tech excels.

We’re not the quick fix – the difficult answers that you need are exactly what New-Tech can bring. We do our best work when we’re able to focus on the important issues, rather than the urgent ones. Of course we can handle urgent issues as well – as a service minded company, we’ve done incredible things for people in crisis. Take a look at our Success Stories and then invite us in and allow us to do a packaging analysis in your facility. Our packaging audit process will uncover significant savings and helps to deliver your Better, Faster, Cheaper

Slashing Freight Costs Through Intelligent Packaging

When carriers introduced rate changes in 2015, based on a package size, New-Tech was ready to help by analyzing our customers' cartons and shipping patterns to deliver significant freight savings.        Small package ground shipments are now priced on...

Canon Case Study

Rather than exporting their printers from Japan into the U.S. already packaged in retail boxes, Canon shipped them in a bulk. Upon arrival in the U.S., these were packaged into retail boxes, customized for the respective retail electronic store chains. This resulted...

Workstations Create 35% Productivity Boost

New-Tech's packaging workstations increase productivity and workflow for a leading medical device manufacturer. The workstations are equipped with: Overhead digital cameras to document that every shipment is complete Adjustable lights and magnifiers to inspect and...

Automation Eliminates Facility Move

An apparel distributor was on the verge of outgrowing its current facilities because their business was increasing. Our team spent 5 days evaluating their packaging process and was able to identify an automated bagging system designed for internet order fulfillment....

Brewer Saves $400,000+ Annually

A major U.S. beverage company packaged their cans in a tray over-wrapped with shrink film. Because of their incredible buying power, they were buying their 2.0 mil polyethylene film at a great price per pound. Still, these millions of pounds of film amounted to a...

New Suitcase Saves Over $800,000 Annually

In a recent project, New Tech worked with a customer to evaluate their product’s container and uncover freight savings. They had been using a medium-sized tote system to ship their product. Through creative design we introduced a smaller, waterproof suitcase system...

Cross-Link Foam Prevents Equipment Damage

The healthcare providers at WellChild spend their days visiting schools, offering medical exams, giving various health screenings, and more. Transporting valuable equipment often leads to damaged equipment, costing not only money but time in replacing these items that...

Premier Nutrition and Weight Management Company Saves on Void Fill

Void Fill is a major topic of interest for most distribution centers in Memphis. Our customers want to know what will protect their product, won’t increase freight costs, and has an attractive, competitive price point. One of our clients was interested in finding ways...

Kaizen Event Saves Over $1 Million

New-Tech's team participated with one of our large customers in a Kaizen event focused on eliminating waste in the supply chain. Over a three month period, our two companies discovered and eliminated: two layers of temporary packaging, which were being thrown away....

New-Tech has a passion for saving you money

At New-Tech, saving people money is not merely a job, or even an obligation to customers; rather, it’s a mentality and way of doing business that is integral to New-Tech’s adage of adding value to products.  In fact, it has become a years-long passion for many at...

New-Tech Saves Again

Packaging Solutions Representative Rick Chriswell recognized a huge potential savings in redesigning one of his customer's most commonly used cartons. Making size changes resulted in dimensional weight savings of one pound per carton -- cumulatively this amounts to...