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Automation Of Packaging

Chances are labor constitutes a big chunk of your overhead. Most businesses accept this as unavoidable, but what if could reduce your labor costs and increase your productivity in the process? If you employ workers for unskilled labor such as packaging, automation could make that possible.

Packaging machinery can handle a variety of repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as inserting protective fillers, box taping, carton strapping, pallet wrapping, and more. Even better, they can do so more efficiently, in less time, without the classic task burn-out human employees can suffer.

By assigning these menial tasks to machines, your human staff can also be utilized more effectively—and they’ll undoubtedly be happier with their work, which means increased employee satisfaction, less turnover, and higher output. This also means you can keep a leaner workforce.

What About the Upfront Cost?

It is true that the upfront costs of setting up automated packaging are higher than that of training a single staff member, but in the majority of cases, these costs are more than recouped within a year of implementation.

Have your doubts?

The easiest way to find out if automation is right for you is to do the math. Take a hard look at your current packaging department’s variable costs. What are you spending on wages? How many new workers do you need to train, how often, and what does that cost? What’s your output like? Your standard lead time? Next, we can help you determine which machines you’d need, what they cost, how much they can increase your output, reduce your lead time, increase productivity, etc.

While some aspects there, such as employee satisfaction, are hard to put a monetary value on, there’s a good chance the numbers will play out for you.

But Surely Machines Have a More Limited Range?

That’s also true. A machine is just a machine. It does what it’s programmed to do without complaint so long as you maintain it, and that’s all it does. You may have to make changes to tailor your operations to fit within the capabilities of a machine—but automation has come a very long way in the last few years.

Take Amazon, for example. According to CNN, each parcel from the warehouse requires less than a minute of time from an actual employee. That’s every step of the process – from retrieving the item from the shelf, right through to actually sending it out. Robots handle everything else.

So, while machines are not quite capable of replacing humans entirely just yet, they can do a lot of the same tasks.

automated packagingWhere Can We Use Automation?

Here are just some of the options that we offer. We’re willing to bet that you’ll be surprised at the range.


Automation can help you scale your business significantly, reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and ensure that every item is professionally packaged. The cost of the machinery is a capital outlay that will need to be budgeted for, but these systems will save you money from day one.

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