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A major U.S. beverage company packaged their cans in a tray over-wrapped with shrink film. Because of their incredible buying power, they were buying their 2.0 mil polyethylene film at a great price per pound. Still, these millions of pounds of film amounted to a significant annual expense, so the customer entertained our approach and proposal.

Working with a resin chemist, we identified a high-modulus 1.25 mil shrink film to over-wrap the product – a film that functioned with equivalent strength and performance.

Material Savings: A substantial 37.5% of the cost was eliminated by reducing the amount of the film used on each package (sold by weight).

Increased Output: The stiffness of the new film allowed the line speed to increase from 65 cases per minute to 72 cases per minute — a 10% throughput increase on a sold-out line. This allowed 2.5 million cases of additional product to be run annually, an even greater financial impact than the material savings.

Environmental Impact: Hundreds of TONS of film were eliminated annually from the waste stream.

Labor Savings and Uptime: Because the film was thinner the footage on each roll could be increased. This meant fewer roll changes per shift and $65,000 of labor and line additional savings annually.

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