The Packaging Challenge

Canon was faced with high shipping costs due to exporting printers already in retail boxes from Japan to the U.S.


The New-Tech Solution

New-Tech uncovered significant savings by recommending Canon change the process from exporting printers already packaged to shipping them unpackaged in bulk.

Upon arrival in the U.S., New-Tech then would package the products into retail boxes, customized for the respective retail electronic store chains.


The Customer Cost Savings and Benefits:

  • Significant freight savings amounting to millions of dollars — enough to justify the entire process change
  • Use of materials with which U.S. consumers were familiar and accepted
  • U.S. marketing and package development in close collaboration with retail stores
  • Efficient and rapid customization and deployment of new packaging styles
  • Significant reduction of obsolete inventory

New-Tech was selected as Canon’s Vendor of the Year for the recommendations and work in packing printers, inks, and papers.


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