As one of Binghampton’s largest employers, New-Tech is building a strategic alliance of partners who are focused on this neighborhood. One of these is Community LIFT.

Community LIFT (Leveraging Investments for Transformation) is a nonprofit, created in 2010, and is part of a larger picture of revitalization in Memphis. Community LIFT seeks to bring more collaboration and partnership between existing community development corporations and other organizations (businesses, city offices, etc.) for the good of the city’s development.

Binghampton, one of three neighborhoods in focus for Community LIFT, will see continued support and resourcing of the ongoing work in these areas of our city, where residents, businesses and organizations are already bringing about change and progress.

Together, New-Tech and Community LIFT are contemplating funding for new machinery at New-Tech that would create 22 jobs.

Earlier this year, Community LIFT granted several Uplift grants to organizations and/or residents who had plans for innovative projects in one of the three communities of focus. One of the grant recipients was a Binghampton resident, who has already begun work with other neighbors on a community garden space.

More recently the River City Capital Investment Corporation, an arm of Community LIFT, has been formed, with future plans to make loans more available for small businesses in these neighborhoods.

New-Tech looks forward to seeing this further development come to this neighborhood!