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As a business owner, it’s essential to get your products safely into the hands of your consumers. However, you can’t do that without a trusted packaging partner. To keep everything properly packaged, we offer both product kitting and product repackaging services. We work with our team to ensure that your packaging will be accurate, the kits will be complete, and the assembly will be done according to the right specifications.

Why Choose Us?
Every company cares about how their product looks on the shelves. To keep customer satisfaction high, it’s best to rely on services that can get the job done right. We handle every package with care, and we offer expert assembly services.

If you’re tired of relying on other companies to get the job done right, then consider giving us a try. We’ll help with combining products to make them look appealing in your kits. The collating materials will be packaged from multiple bags into one expertly assembled single package.

On top of that, we use unique training to ensure that your products are placed optimally to combine components and guarantee customer satisfaction. We can take a lackluster looking kit and turn it into a higher valued product. Lastly, if your company is trying to meet the expectations of other retailers, we can help you achieve that goal as well.

Our team is expertly trained for professional level product assembly and product kitting. We’ll help ensure that any of your significant projects stand out amongst competitors and ensure that your products are packaged and ready to sell.

Expert Assembly, Right When You Need It
Here at New-Tech, we believe that we can help package your products so that they will shine. Our company is focused on providing custom kitting and assembly services that meet your time frame and fit your budget. All of the products assembled will be tailored to the retailer’s requirements, ensuring that you exceed their expectations.

We strive to not only repackage your items, but we also guarantee to place them neatly into a configured kit that is bound to attract consumers. With our experience, we understand what’s expected from professionally styled kits. We’ll use your products to combine them into newly arranged packages that are elegant on a sales shelf.

We Understand Guidelines and are FDA Approved
All of the products that go through our line are heavily guarded and secured. Our security team monitors each activity during repackaging. Also, our facility is equipped with security cameras and other surveillance to keep everything in check. We’re also FDA registered and have a quality system (ISO 9001 and FDA 21CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820).

Our Team
We understand that working in the kit industry means that other competitors may want to know what you’re up to. Our team is highly trained, and we make it a top priority of New-Tech to guarantee non-disclosure on any projects.

We’ve already worked hard to ensure that we meet the expectations and regulations of top competitor brands. We’ve handled many projects which need assembly, kitting, and repackaging. We’ve also been able to enhance the appearance of products by directly pairing them with the right type of exterior packaging. Have a project? Consider having us take a look so we can help plan and execute your next project.