Custom Blister & Clamshell Packaging

blister clamshell packagingProtection and presentation. Those are the two things you require from your retail packaging — attractive enough to show off your products, yet strong enough to protect it from theft and damage. It’s a tall order and not all blisters and clamshells are up to the challenge.

Packaging is the perfect opportunity to put that messaging front and center and showcase your product. It’s essentially a right-sized billboard for brand messaging. It makes the brand tangible, accessible, and real for the customer. But most of all, it gives your customers the chance to get up close and personal with the brand while exploring the products.

What could be better than introducing the brand and product simultaneously to make a lasting first impression? At New-Tech, we help you bring that opportunity to life at an economical price point that works for your business. Contact us to discuss contract packaging or purchasing your own blister sealing machine.

Protective, Attractive Packaging for Every Need

Of course, you have more on your mind than brand messaging and product showcasing. You also want to protect your products from damage and sticky fingers. It’s critical to strike the right balance between showcasing and protecting the product.

Unfortunately, theft is a major concern with organized retail crime costing the industry an average of $30B each year. Product packaging needs to be accessible enough for customers to get a feel for the product inside but protective enough so it can not removed. Otherwise, too many products may grow legs and see themselves out the door.

At New-Tech, we offer packaging solutions that not only show off the product but also keep it safe and sound. Our blister and clamshell cases secure the package from theft by locking it into the package so it can’t be removed. They also allow the product to hang from the product rack, prevent the customer from opening it in the store, and protect the product from damage.

You can also make use of the space the clamshell and blister packaging provides to better market your product and brand.

Blister and Clamshell Cases Uses:

  • Displaying CPG and healthcare products, footwear, and other retail products
  • Showcasing electronics, computer and mobile accessories
  • Preventing retail theft of high-dollar products

Straight from America’s Distribution Center

With New-Tech on your side, you can not only improve your packaging but also save money. We are proudly located in Memphis, TN. While the Bluff City is famous for the blues, Elvis Presley, and barbeque, it’s also the distribution center of America. Memphis is known for distribution and logistics with the highest percentage of logistic workers in the country. This advantage allows us to pass on cost savings to you. The cost to get your product to us and redistribute it is the lowest in the United States.

We also take pride in our Quality Management System. We are registered with the FDA as a drug repackager and relabeler. We follow cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and comply with 21 CFR, Parts 210, 211, and 820.

Our blister and clamshell packaging solutions offer better visibility and higher levels of product protection at a lower cost. For businesses looking to sell into Club Stores, you can be confident that our packaging will fit the bill. There are several styles for you to choose from including:

trapped blister packaging

Trapped blister: Preferred in club stores for their large billboard, reduced plastic and environmental appeal. Get a quote >>

mock blister packaging

Mock clamshell: Reduces the plastic content while giving an upscale feel. Get a quote >>

two piece clamshell

Two-piece clamshell: Perfect for over-the-counter and high dollar items. Get a quote >>

full faced blister

Full-faced blister: Often used for hanging products and is more attractive/ upscale than a partial blister package. Get a quote >>

partial blister packaging

Partial blister: Excellent for smaller-sized or less expensive products — this is the least expensive option. Get a quote >>


hinged clamshell packaging

Hinged clamshell: Can be RF-welded to provide the highest level of pilfer protection. It is virtually impossible to open without cutting the plastic. Get a quote >>

With these capabilities, we can create all of the styles currently being used at retail to ensure that we have the style to meet your needs and vision. America’s favorite brands like Claritin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholl’s, and Logitech rely on New-Tech to display and protect their products.

Let your products shine with high-quality, durable blister and clamshell packaging. You’ll find attractive packaging that enhances your product’s appearance and inhibits retail theft with our highly secure packaging. Connect with New-Tech Packaging today to get started.


Contact us now and let’s review your project. We’d love to help you design custom packaging that increases value and saves money!