Protective Blister Packaging

blister packagingProduct displays are the magic that attracts new customers to your product. When it comes to keeping your product protected, you can always rely on our New-Tech protective blister packaging. We ensure that your product is packaged correctly for retail sales, and also beautifully to attract the eye of each consumer. Other companies struggle with finding a balance between protection and good looks, but with our unique techniques, we guarantee both.

We find that it’s essential to have the right type of package; otherwise, your product may not attract as many customers. It’s vital to have an excellent board to product ratio, with the product’s brand and item name clearly displayed. This enables your consumers to have a better idea of what the product is with a glance.

With New-Tech, we want to help bring your products forward and make a lasting impression on current and future customers. We work hard to ensure that all products are presented with style and at a professional level. We’ll work with you and your company’s budget to help you get your product wonderfully presented.


Our Protective Blister Packaging Service

When you’re showcasing your product, it’s essential to have a balance between aesthetics and protection. It may be hard to find packaging that excels at both features, but we’ve worked with countless companies to develop a foolproof method of producing top-notch blister packaging.

Theft is a common occurrence in retail stores, and it costs businesses a lot of money each year. To help put an end to those with sticky fingers, we’ve developed a unique packaging technique that encases the product in a durable and nearly unbreakable casing.

Here at New-Tech, we try our best to offer different packaging options which help keep your product safe. If your company is in need of protective packaging, our blister packaging is the right solution. We use blister and clamshell cases that can help secure your valuable product into an attractive package. The product will stay locked in the pack, away from prying fingers. On top of that, the clamps will enable you to hang the package on display at any retailers you work with.

Why Our Blister Packaging Is Best

We work to ensure that any medical, healthcare and retail products are carefully protected. The packaging is excellent at showcasing any electronic devices, accessories, or computers as well. We’ve made sure to build a strong enough clamp so that thieves will have a hard time removing the product from the case, keeping you from losing out on a sale. Hopefully, you’ll consider using our services, as we want to provide you with better packaging for your products.

Our Packaging Commitment

New-Tech Packaging works to improve your current packaging problems, but we also work to stay within your project’s budget. Our main building is located in Memphis, TN, and we’re working to expand our services. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your next packaging project.