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shrink wrap ointment

Your company takes a lot of time and effort to get your products to the public. You want to ensure that they can be easily spotted on the shelves so that clients can snap them up. Unfortunately, with the range of different product options out there, it can be hard to get your product to stand out.

With so much competition on the shelves, it’s essential to get the packaging perfect. The right promotional packaging will help you strengthen your brand and win over consumers.

Shrink-wrapped packages are amongst the top options when it comes to increased visibility. The wrapping is transparent, so your customers can see every detail of your product. It’s also durable and a great way to make sure that your products get to the end user in tip-top shape.

You can choose to shrink-wrap each product individually, or you can create useful multi-packs to boost sales even more. The wrapping makes it simpler when it comes to the actual process of loading the products onto the shelves as well.

So, there are a lot of advantages to shrink packaging. This is a function that you can complete in-house if you have the right equipment, the staff, and the space to handle it. However, there’s no need to go to all that expense.

Partner with us, and we’ll ensure that your packaging is perfect. You can trust us to deliver high-quality results every time. We’ll complete your packaging accurately and quickly. We understand that time is money.

The faster we do our job, the quicker your products are out there selling, and the more you’ll need to package. So making sure that we do a great job is good business sense for us as well.

Use Shrink Packaging to Put the Spotlight on Your Product

At New-Tech Packaging, our focus is on making sure that we not only meet our clients’ expectations but that we exceed them.

Annually, we package nearly 22 million items for companies just like yours. We take our commitment to service seriously – we’ve built a solid reputation on making sure that we meet the specifications of each client exactly, and that we come in on deadline every time.

We have a strict quality management system in place to ensure that each package delivers regarding quality packaging.

We operate an FDA-quality facility, so that we can handle the packaging of pharmaceuticals and over the counter medication. We have temperature-controlled production areas that can keep your products at constant optimal temperatures.

With our packaging, your products can shine on the shelves as they were meant to. You have a few different options to choose from when you work with us:

  • The product can be fully enclosed in film
  • You can use sleeves to minimize plastic use
  • You can choose between printed or clear displays

Speak to our team today, and they’ll help you come up with the ideal tunnel for the film type that you’ve selected. Just let our consultant know what look you’re after and what the specifications are for product storage and packaging instructions, and we’ll take it from there.


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