Also known as luxury packaging, display packaging integrates attributes and strengths to complex and costly products. It offers secure product packaging, as well as alternative solutions for complex packaging challenges. Additionally, it provides attractive graphics, including enhanced accessibility, visibility, and product aesthetic value in a retail setting.

The 2019 Global Display Packaging Market research report analyzes important industry features. It covers market size, drivers, recent trends, opportunities, threats and key segments in the market. Based on historical data, the report addresses current needs in the market, and also covers unique business strategies that decision-makers approve.

According to the report, the display packaging market is expected to grow between 2019 and 2028 significantly. Consumers have a growing demand for the ability to buy various products under the same roof, in stores such as hypermarkets and supermarkets. Packaging display preference needs to consider both eco-friendly solutions and innovative printed display packing.

Moreover, the target market is expected to grow exponentially during the forecast period due to increasing research and development activities aimed at developing advanced yet lightweight packaging products.

The research includes basic product information such as segmentation, scope, and outlook of display packaging. It also features investment feasibility, statistics on supply-demand, and factors responsible for constraining the industry’s growth, and also provides annual revenue, product demand, and the industry’s growth.

Unique Global Display Packaging Market Segments

Segments based on Type – Counter display, floor display, brochure display, display boxes, transparent containers, shelf display, and blisters.

Segments based on End-User Industry – Personal care products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, home care, and electronics products.


North America accounts for a major revenue share in the world market; Europe ranks second. The market is expected to grow significantly in the next three decades. Increasing numbers of large retail stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and packing companies have been attributed to the forecasted growth in the market.

Beneficiaries of the Research Report on Global Display Packaging Market

  • Investigators, scientists, laboratory experts and research analysts.
  • Industry administrators, product managers and industry chief administrative officers.
  • Journalists, writers, reporters, editors, and webmasters.
  • Interns, professors, students, universities and various academic organizations with interest in the display packaging market.
  • Current or future display packaging market players.
  • Project managers and private or governmental institutions associated with the display packaging industry.

The Global Display Packaging Market Report provides research results, findings and conclusions. The research findings and market forecasts are valuable for interested parties.

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