More than ever, your customers are turning to the Internet to purchase the products that they need. While the shift to eCommerce opens up an entirely new distribution channel for your business, it’s also presents significant new challenges in terms of packaging and fulfillment.

New-Tech Packaging has partnered with Pregis, a leading eCommerce specialist and manufacturer of protective packaging, to help you successfully navigate the unique challenges of eCommerce packaging and fulfillment.

Let us be your guide to increased profits and improved customer experience with your eCommerce packaging!

Shipping costs:  

What portion of your fulfillment expense is tied up in shipping? 

Our experts understand these evolving challenges and have the tools to help you make the right decisions. Whether you’ll be shipping your products through UPS, FedEx, USPS, or some combination of all three, we’ll help you minimize your shipping costs by optimizing dimensional weight and the multitude of other cost considerations.

We’re passionate about creating packaging that will save you money!

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

Acquiring new customers is more challenging & costly than ever before. 

With competition at an all time high, average online conversion rates in the low single digits, and pay-per-click advertising costs rising, we understand that maximizing CLV is essential to recovering your investment and remaining profitable.

We’ll help educate your team on best practices to maximize CLV and quantify the long term impact to your company.

Customer experience & the unboxing phenomenon:

Unboxing PackagingWowing your customers and creating an emotional connection when unboxing is more important than ever!

We’ll help you create a favorable unboxing experience that will be shared with others and will encourage repeat business.  We have performed extensive research on the emotions that packaging can have on the consumer. This data will provide insight into the consumer’s preferences and motivators.

And don’t overlook your brand image!  Custom printing, sustainable packaging solutions, and premium packaging can all enhance your brand positioning while providing the best possible customer experience.

Multi-channel fulfillment:

multi-channel fulfillmentProviding a consistent customer experience is important, regardless of shipping point. 

New Tech Packaging, in partnership with Pregis, offers a wide assortment of solutions that can scale with your operation and create a seamless customer experience when shipping from fulfillment/distribution centers, retail stores, 3PLs and even direct from the manufacturer.

Damage & returns

damaged boxHave you measured the potential impact of damage on profitability?

We have.

Multiple cost variables, lowered seller ratings on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, and future lost sales can all impact the bottom line as a result of damage. We’ll help you quantify how much this can affect your profits. Not only now, but in the future. We can help you select the best protective packaging solution to minimize damage, optimize packaging and shipping cost through our thorough packaging value analysis. We can also help you design a packaging solution that is best suited for round trip shipping to maximize resale value of returns.

Best total cost solution:

You have cost objectives to meet.  We want to help you meet them.

Our detailed analysis of your operation takes into consideration materials, labor efficiencies, throughput, warehouse utilization and countless other factors. Because we have such a wide material and equipment portfolio, we make recommendations based on what you need rather than what we want to sell. You can trust that we have a solution to meet your organization’s needs.


Amazon certified frustration free packaging and SIOC packaging through Amazon 6 ISTA testing:

New-Tech Packaging - Packaging for the E-Commerce IndustryAre you prepared to comply with Amazon’s packaging requirements?

You’re not the only one concerned with customer experience – Amazon is too – and compliance with their certifications is a must if you’re serious about selling there.  New-Tech Packaging, and our partners at Pregis, understand the ins and outs of Amazon’s 6 ISTA testing for SIOC packaging, and we can help you obtain Amazon’s frustration free packaging certification.  After all, when customer experience is perfect for the products that you sell on Amazon, everybody wins!

Learn more about the impact of damaged shipments on future sales and profitability.


Packaging solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper.


Today’s business is tasked to do more with less.  Managers have to beat last year’s sales and profit objectives and still reduce headcount and expenditures. New-Tech brings expertise to helps businesses do their packaging better, faster, and cheaper.  Learn more >>

Packaging audits that will help you reduce expenses and increase profits.


At New Tech Packaging, we refuse to treat packaging like a simple commodity product. We address 12 strategic cost drivers in a Packaging Audit, that will save you money and increase value.  Learn more >>

Packaging automation to reduce labor and increase throughput.


Some processes are manual and inefficient.  It’s important to determine whether the manual process is necessary, and if so, can it be made more efficient.  Or, can the manual process be automated, eliminating manpower costs & improving throughout.  Learn more >>

Packaging design to protect products, reduce expense, and maximize sales.


Your company is in a continuous design state. You’re constantly tweaking your products and processes to meet the needs of your customers and your marketplace.  It’s important that your packaging is evolving too.  Learn more >>

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