e-commerce mailersWouldn’t it be great if you could drastically improve your output capacity, while also reducing your packaging material costs and your dimensional weight shipping costs?  

Of course it would!  And you can!  

New-Tech Packaging has partnered with Pregis, a leading eCommerce specialist and manufacturer of protective packaging, to bring you the SHARP Bagging System.  

Reduce Material, Labor, and Shipping Costs

If your eCommerce business is currently packing and shipping soft goods, apparel, or other non-fragile merchandise in corrugated boxes, you’re going to love SHARP Bagging!

  • Bagging products is faster than packing in corrugated boxes, resulting in significantly lower labor costs.
  • Bagging creates a smaller packaging footprint, resulting in substantially lower shipping costs.
  • Bags are cheaper than corrugated mailing boxes.
  • SHARP Bagging integrates directly with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, so you can print directly on the bag, eliminating the need for a shipping label.
  • The graphics printed on bagging film are sharper and more dynamic than printing on corrugated boxes, so you’ll get beautiful print that perfectly reflects your brand messaging

Want to see how your product will look packaged in bags?

Let New-Tech’s expert designers create design mock-ups and samples of your new bags!

A leading supplier of bags and equipment, Sharp by Pregis will:


Reduce your time spent packing and fulfilling orders.

Reduce your shipping costs.

Reduce your labor costs.

Improve your throughput and capacity.

Improve your brand image.


Improve your workflow with your WMS system, eliminating the need for shipping labels.

faster-packoutIn order to remain competitive in today’s eCommerce landscape, its critical that you look for efficiencies in as many areas as possible.  Just as you leverage online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to streamline your customer acquisition, so too must you look for ways to streamline the actual fulfillment of the orders that you receive.

Packaging and shipping is a major expense in any eCommerce operation.  Whether you’re shipping via FedEx, UPS, or USPS, it’s critical that you’re evaluating your packaging to minimize labor, material costs, and dimensional weight shipping expenses.  New-Tech Packaging has the expertise to audit your current processes to help you find cost savings at every step of the packing and shipping process.

Bagging systems that are built to deliver ultimate efficiency, maximum throughput, and rapid turnarounds.

New-Tech Packaging is proud to offer top of the line bagging equipment from Sharp Packaging by Pregis.  We offer an extensive selection of automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines that open, fill, and seal bags from 2 inches to 24 inches wide, and from 4 inches to 40 inches long.  Some models feature continuous bagging rolls for peak performance, while others are more compact and are more ideal for smaller orders. Thermal printing options are also available, eliminating the expense of adhesive labels.

max pro 18

Max-Pro 18

Automatic bagging machine with predictive maintenance technology, runs 18” wide bags with an 8” passthrough depth.

Max 24

Max 24

Automatic maching, runs bags up to 24” wide and 30” long.

Max 20

Max 20

Automatic machine, runs bags up to 20” wide and 40” long.

Max 12

Max 12

Automatic machine, runs bags up to 12” wide and 40” long.

Experts in boosting your bottom line.

New-Tech has extensive expertise in auditing packaging and shipping workflows to find efficiencies and boost profits.  Whether you’re in the business of eCommerce fulfillment, medical device manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, or one of the other industries that we serve, we’d love to have an opportunity to help you automate your packaging processes and boost your bottom line.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your unique needs.

Allow New-Tech Packaging to evaluate your current packaging lines.

We’ll help you automate your packing and shipping to find efficiencies and cost savings that will boost your bottom line.

Case Study: New-Tech Packaging saved one apparel distributor hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by implementing automated bagging systems in their shipping workflow. Learn More.


Packaging solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper.


Today’s business is tasked to do more with less.  Managers have to beat last year’s sales and profit objectives and still reduce headcount and expenditures. New-Tech brings expertise to helps businesses do their packaging better, faster, and cheaper.  Learn more >>

Packaging audits that will help you reduce expenses and increase profits.


At New Tech Packaging, we refuse to treat packaging like a simple commodity product. We address 12 strategic cost drivers in a Packaging Audit, that will save you money and increase value.  Learn more >>

Packaging automation to reduce labor and increase throughput.


Some processes are manual and inefficient.  It’s important to determine whether the manual process is necessary, and if so, can it be made more efficient.  Or, can the manual process be automated, eliminating manpower costs & improving throughout.  Learn more >>

Packaging design to protect products, reduce expense, and maximize sales.


Your company is in a continuous design state. You’re constantly tweaking your products and processes to meet the needs of your customers and your marketplace.  It’s important that your packaging is evolving too.  Learn more >>

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