Companies have two basic options when it comes to packaging the products that they offer. They can do it themselves or outsource the work to a contract packaging company. Below, we will look at both options, and how to figure out which is the best for your company.

The Costs of Handling Packaging In-house
Keeping the work in-house allows a company complete control over the process, but has several disadvantages. Companies will have to invest in buying equipment, training their staff, and day-to-day manufacturing costs themselves.
Space is another factor that comes into these equations. When handling packaging yourself, you not only have to ensure that there is space allocated for the packing processes, but also for the storage of packaging materials.

If your packaging needs are very simple, it might be worthwhile to keep this function in-house.

How Can a Contract Packaging Company Help?
There are many different functions that you can outsource when it comes to packaging. A final solution could be as simple as labeling the product with a barcode. However, packaging firms can also usually help with the design and planning of the packaging, as well as fulfillment.

There are many different services that these companies offer, such as:

Clamshell or Blister Packaging
Blister packs are widely used in medical industries. These are the packs that you will find many capsules and pills packaged in. The pack is made using thermoformed plastic that has cavities in it. The item is placed inside, and then the pack is sealed.
This is useful when the contents must be protected from environmental factors like humidity.

A clamshell pack is basically a double blister cavity that is joined by a hinge. It is often used in the packaging of smaller consumer items.

Multi-packing is another type of packaging that is often used. This could be in the form of:

    • A carton: frequently used for liquid products, such as milk.
    • Trays that are shrink-wrapped: commonly seen in perishables, such as cut-fruit.
    • Polybags: most often used for bulk items, such as potatoes.

There are many different forms that packaging can take. A quality packaging company can advise you of the best form of packaging for your product.

Product Displays
Product displays can be either permanent or temporary. When you’re walking down temptation alley on your way to the checkout, you’ll have encountered these displays. The idea here is to catch the attention of consumers passing by.

Fulfillment services
Fulfillment services go beyond basic packaging. This is the process by which goods are packed and shipped to the end consumer. You deliver a set amount of goods to the company, and, when an order comes in, forward the instruction to them. They take care of the final packaging and delivery.

How Can Packaging Services Make Your Business More Efficient?
If you have a toothache, do you go to a dentist or try and pull the tooth yourself? You go to the dentist because they have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done properly. Now, you could buy all the equipment yourself, and send your spouse to dental school, but that’s not an efficient way to do it.

By relying on a third-party packager, you get to focus on what your business does best. You concentrate on manufacturing your product and improving your processes.

A packager is focusing on what they do best and has the equipment and industry contacts to go with it, so they can do the job faster and more cost-effectively than you can.