Laptop PackagingIf you’re manufacturing, distributing, repairing, or testing electronic equipment, its critical that these valuable items travel safely through the supply chain. If you’re selling these items at retail, you also need the right packaging and displays to make sure your products stand out from the crowd.

You can’t rely on run-of-the-mill packaging to protect your products through the supply chain and delivery. After all, the consumers of your products are depending on you to deliver their purchases in perfect condition.

You, better than anyone else, know that the electronic components of these products are sensitive and require solid protection. There’s more to consider than an accidental drop or fall. These products also need protection from moisture, static electricity, and wear and tear from handling.

But you can’t just use bulky packaging and hope for the best. Oversized packaging will add up to dimensional weight charges fast, so you need packaging solutions that provide the right level of protective cushioning and the smallest possible package dimensions. And because foam packaging is bulky, it will quickly take over your warehouse, so you need a plan in place to ensure just in time delivery of your packaging supplies, right when you need them.

Most of all, you need a supplier that understands your business and your products, to provide the perfect packaging solutions for your products, exactly when you need it.

We’ll Help You Hit the Packaging Sweet Spot

Brother DesignAt New-Tech Packaging, we’ll work with you to find that sweet spot by identifying just how much packaging you need to protect your product and maintain your budget. No wasted packaging, no excess charges, and no sacrificing on quality.

We design our packaging solutions in house and then test them at FedEx and independent labs. Why does this matter? When you use too much foam for protective cushioning, the package size increases, causing dimensional weight charges during shipping.  When you use too little foam, or the wrong type of foam, your products may not have the protection that they need to travel through the supply chain without becoming damaged.  New-Tech’s robust quality system allows us to select the right type and density of foam to prevent damage, excess packaging, and weight charges. We use our design and packaging expertise to create electronics packaging that protects your products while remaining cost-effective.

At New-Tech Packaging, we understand how important it is to supply the right foam for your packaging. To the untrained eye, pieces of foam may look identical but look closer and you’ll find that different types of foam vary greatly in performance. We’ll not only help you find the right kind of foam for your packaging but also customize retail packaging, build and fill displays, and provide that rapid turnaround time you need.

The New-Tech Way

What makes New-Tech Packaging different?  We manufacture domestically and are located in Memphis, Tennessee, America’s Distribution Center.  With this ideal location and conjunction with FedEx, we can deliver electronics packaging for next-day shipping. If you’re part of a repair center that receives products in fluctuating quantities each day, we can warehouse your packaging materials and provide them to you just-in-time, so you can get those products shipped out the same day or next day without worrying about warehousing mass quantities of packaging materials. We’re proud to offer comprehensive packaging solutions by making the shipping box, foam, and inner components from designs we created in-house at our location.

Here’s what you can expect from New-Tech:

  • The appropriate foam (polyethylene, polyurethane or polystyrene) to protect electronics components
  • Packaging solutions designed and manufactured in our facility
  • Manufacturing of corrugated box and inner components to complete the elements of the electronics package
  • Supply of anti-static materials (bubble wrap, poly bags, foam bags, and air pillows) to protect your products from moisture and static electricity
  • Designs tested in ISTA-certified labs for shock and vibration
  • Your specifications delivered consistently because of our ISO-certified quality system
  • Reduced cost of materials as you’re working with a manufacturer directly (rather than a middle man or distributor)
  • Returnable solutions for closed-loop supply chains (such as repair centers)

Major US brands trust New-Tech Packaging for consistent, reliable, and high-quality packaging for their electronic components. The results speak for themselves. We’ve won awards for our packaging and services to the electronics industry, including being chosen as Canon’s Vendor of the Year twice!

Are you ready to embrace the New-Tech way for your electronics packaging? We have customized solutions engineered to provide the lowest total cost. We can tap into our expertise to make your current packaging even better. If you need help with your retail packaging and displays, our team is here to provide the components and labor to deliver a turnkey solution to your packaging needs.


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