The Packaging Challenge

A medical company challenged New-Tech to help them find ways to save material costs and reduce packaging pricing by 7%.


The New-Tech Solution

New-Tech completed a packaging audit and determined that over time the customers’ products had reduced in size while the packaging remained the same. The New-Tech team began to right-size the corrugate boxes and partnered with the local FedEx lab to complete testing. 

New-Tech sets itself apart in the packaging industry by its unique dedication to problem-solving and finding ways to improve processes and save customer resources. Opportunities for our customers to cut costs are amplified by our diverse capabilities in packaging, from simple corrugated boxes to equipment and automation.


The Customer Results

By resizing corrugated boxes and taking out void fill, New-Tech exceeded the challenge and helped this medical company eliminate shipping charges to the extent of nearly $400,000 annually.

At New-Tech, saving people money is not merely a job or even an obligation to customers; rather, it’s a mentality and way of doing business that is integral to New-Tech’s adage of adding value to products.

“[Saving] is an ongoing thing,” says New-Tech corrugated packaging expert Rick Chriswell.  “A customer wants to do business with us because we bring value to our customers.”