As New-Tech continues its focus on building and strengthening partnerships throughout Binghampton, we are exploring the idea of a grant that will create positions for mentors who will develop production workers under their leadership.

The Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team, formed in the wake of the city’s award of nearly $5 million dollars in grant money from Bloomberg Philanthropies, is one of the main groups working diligently to support small businesses like ours.

They’re charged with the task of reviving key areas of Memphis through stimulation of economic growth through small businesses in South Memphis, Binghampton and the Madison Avenue and Cleveland Avenue corridors. Around the county, teams in other cities are hard at work, as well. Grant recipients include Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, and Louisville, KY.

According to a question and answer column with the Memphis Daily News, members of the team will address these needs through workshops that bring together small groups, taking complex problems in order to discover workable solutions.

As part of the Binghampton business community, we look forward to supporting and joining the good work this grant makes possible!