New-Tech is proud to share that our customer, Merck, a high-performing, world class consumer products company, has awarded us with their Quality Award for Outstanding Performance. This high honor was acknowledged and given by Merck’s quality representatives in recognition that our quality performance has so significantly increased.

We are proud of our Quality Assurance employees and their great work, as this award is largely a result of New-Tech’s consistency and excellent performance in our repackaging plans.

“As Quality Assurance Director, this is as important to us as any award we could have received,” Joel French says. “This just continues to increase our good relationship with such an important customer.”

This award acknowledges our “diligent efforts that contribute to our collective success”. And it is just this, our “collective success”, that spurs both companies on towards greatness. Both Merck’s and New-Tech’s success is intertwined, evident in the genuine thankfulness and excitement communicated through this award.