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At New-Tech, saving people money is not merely a job, or even an obligation to customers; rather, it’s a mentality and way of doing business that is integral to New-Tech’s adage of adding value to products.  In fact, it has become a years-long passion for many at New-Tech, including Rick Chriswell, a member of the sales team who has been with New-Tech for 25 years.

Chriswell focuses on servicing the customer first.  “I love to get the opportunity to run business for your customer and show them how to save money,” Chriswell says.  “It’s a relationship and it’s a passion.”

New-Tech sets itself apart in the packaging industry by its unique dedication to problem solving, and finding ways to not only sell a product, but also better it in the process.  Our opportunities to cut costs for our customers are amplified by our diverse capabilities, from simple corrugated boxes to high-end workstations.

Chriswell started as a sales associate with New-Tech over 25 years ago with a background in corrugated box design, an element of packaging he cites as a big value adder.

One of New-Tech’s most recent savings involved the dimensional weight with medical corrugated boxes, explains Chriswell.  By resizing corrugated boxes and taking out void fill, New-Tech helped a medical company eliminate shipping charges to the extent of nearly $400,000 annually.

“[Saving] is an ongoing thing,” Chriswell says.  “A customer wants to do business with us because we bring value to our customers.

“You have to set yourself apart, because the guy next to you can do the same things if you’re just quoting.  Customers will see you have their best interest at heart.”