New-Tech’s expansive and integral Quality department has been working hard to integrate a new web-based software, Compliant Pro, into the workings of the company, and will soon be moving to an upgraded version. This management system now houses important quality materials such as our complete quality manual, standard operating procedures, and reports, all electronically.  With its user-friendly interface, it is intuitive and customizable, allowing New-Tech to make the most of the software for the company’s specific needs.  We have ability to develop the software, making it fit our company so we can better serve our customers’ needs.  It aids in customer audits, revision control, and instant retrieval and storage of records.

“It’s a great software and a good investment in the future of the quality system,” says Joel French, Director of Quality Assurance.

All of New-Tech’s quality team is trained in the operation of this software, allowing our company to reap every benefit from integrating this advanced technology into our standard operations.

“We spend a lot of time getting to know Compliant Pro and we get a lot of use out of it,” says French, “and the fact that it makes us paperless is huge.”