If your company provides food and beverage products for consumers across the globe then you understand the importance of good packaging. Your product not only has to arrive at market safely, but also it has to meet the language requirements of your market. Words such as shortening, margarine, and vegetable oil have specific meanings in the US with the FDA, and they’re not always easy to translate correctly from the country of origin. Any sort of language error may dictate re-labeling before you can get them out to the US market.

This is where New-Tech Packaging can help!  We specialize in special packaging projects for the food and beverage industry.  We’re FDA registered (21 CFR, Part 117) for Food Packaging, and we’re backed by a skilled workforce, equipment needed for retail promotional projects, and a large, flexible manufacturing facility to do special projects.

By utilizing our packaging audit, we can help guide your company through cost-effective packaging management and cost reduction to your company.  This will help you reduce cost and increase throughput.  Packaging audits have allowed us to save food and beverage companies like yours millions of dollars through increased throughput, reduced labor costs, and improved sustainability report cards.

Learn how we helped save a brewery $400.000+ annually by reading our case study here.

If you are looking for a team to help your food or beverage company with creating multipacks, mixed packages, promotional packages, and mixed assortments, then look no further! Reach out to us to discuss your next project.