It takes more than just tape and boxes to prepare products for distribution and shipping. Every package or box usually has empty space that needs filling to ensure, that your products arrive safely at their intended destinations. If not, they’ll undoubtedly arrive broken or damaged, costing your company losses in revenue.

Most companies make use of loose fill or crumpled paper to fill the voids in their packages, to ensure product protection during transit. Although these materials cushion the products, they’re usually heavy and expensive.

Other companies also utilize inflatable materials. These are even costlier, however, and even further increase the cost of business operations. Choosing the wrong type of material to fill voids and cushion products for shipping doesn’t just result in wastage, but also causes product damage due to poor quality protection.

A Cost-effective Solution for Filling Voids in Product Packages

air packaging system

Despite the universal need to protect products during shipping, the process doesn’t have to be frustrating and costly. That’s where automatic air cushioning systems come in. They don’t just fill voids and cushion products, but offer a customizable, effective, and simple solution. The machines are reliable, and need little to no maintenance.

These systems produce air cushions, or pillows, to protect your products during transportation based on your needs. They ensure your products don’t jostle during distribution or shipping. Moreover, adding them into boxes to fill voids is easy. Although the products might still move during transportation, they’re less likely to get damaged.

Air pillows or cushions are inflatable sheets also known as bubble-on-demand. They’re made up of long inflated tubes or small cells often wrapped around the product or layered into the package to prevent your products from moving while in transit.

The automatic air cushion systems make the process easy. They feed and guide pre-made film, inflate and seal it to prevent air from escaping. Complete cushions or pillows drop into the portable hoppers or the dispensing systems. This seamless process produces reliable void fills to cushion your products in packaging.


Customization Options for Safe Arrival of Products

air cushioning systems

Products and packaging vary, and so do air cushioning systems. They produce different air pillows or cushions to meet the unique needs of protecting different products. The pillows come in varied sizes, thicknesses, and configurations, as do the types of hoppers, films, feeders and dispensing systems used.

Products are assessed to help pick the right customized packing option that’ll ensure they arrive at their destinations safely.

We offer custom product packaging solutions, and have helped many companies assess their needs and choose the right automatic air cushioning system. The technology driving the systems has advanced over the years, leading to the manufacture of even better machines.

Are you looking for an in-house demo to test the system on your packaging processes? Contact us to find out how automatic air cushioning systems can benefit your company.


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