blister machinesBeauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to preparing products for distribution, using attractive packaging can make all the difference. The right packaging will not only catch your customer’s eye but also protect your products as they make their way on the market and to the shelves. Today, we have the advantage of being able to produce many different types of packaging, designed to protect, store, and display products.

Among the many different options for packaging, you’ll find clamshell and blister packages. Sealed clamshell, blister, full face blister, and trapped blister packages allow you to:

  • Prepare individual compartments for products
  • Portion out the right serving or dosage for food products and medicine
  • Increase the visibility of your products and branding
  • Keep products secure and in place during transit

The Benefits Behind Automatic Blister Sealing Machines

This style of packaging is produced by a machine and cannot be created manually. Organizations that want to tap into the many benefits of blister packaging will need to have an automatic blister sealing machine on-site. These machines allow for a great deal of customization while increasing operational efficiency.

You can load packages into the machine and a custom fixture to keep the plastic clamshell or blister and the cards in place. The plastic blisters and cards are automatically inserted into the machine fixture, reducing the labor cost of manually placing them. As the machine advances, it will seal the clamshell and then seal the blister the card. You can also seal one card to another with the blister sandwiched in between. There’s no need to worry about fluctuating temperatures and pressure; these are set by the machine and used to create reliable, secure packages.

As for customization, you can produce packages on a revolving turntable (allowing for each of the various steps of loading cards, plastic and product) or achieve a higher output by using machines that operate inline (see photos). The machines also have different methods of sealing based on the style of package:

  • Traditional and full-face blisters are heat sealed, using a heated plate and pressure in the sealing section.
  • Trapped blisters (or captured blisters) are sealed using heat and pressure to seal one card to the other. In recent years, new cohesive coatings allow the cards to be sealed together using only pressure (cold-sealed).
  • Clamshells seal plastic to plastic and use two adjacent sealing stations to create the seal. The first station heats the plastic and the following station chills the seal to set it.

Blister sealing machines also have an option to unload the finished product automatically. You can further customize your packaging through high pressure sealing (when loading lots of cards into each fixture), by printing or coding on the cards (for lot and date information), or through tooling to allow blister openings on the front and back of the product card (for trapped blisters).

Increase Savings with Robots

blister packagingLabor costs continue to rise, but the costs of robots continue to decrease, making them a more accessible options for organizations looking to automate improve economic payback. In the case of automated blister machines, robots place products in the blisters automatically, driving labor and production costs down. Operators refill the cards, blisters and products to keep the machine running while the machine performs all the other packaging functions.

Our team of packaging solution experts at New-Tech Packaging will work with you to identify which machine best fits your product, volume, and requirements. Reach out to us today to get started!


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