The internet has completely changed the way we shop and do business online. Many of us receive online orders weekly, if not daily, for household goods, clothing, personal products, and even groceries. Companies have risen to meet the expectations of customers and get products out the door and into their homes faster.

But the actual packaging of those products is still lagging behind. Many companies are still taping boxes by hand, a manual time-intensive process that slows things down no matter how creative you get with workarounds.

Have you noticed any of the following on your floor?

  • “Box forts” stacked 4 to 6 feet high so employees have enough boxes on hand at the start of the shift for the day’s output
  • Clusters of employees putting together boxes and carrying them throughout the facility to where they’ll actually be used
  • Employees struggling with tape guns to churn out 4 or 5 boxes a minute
  • People scrambling to meet deadlines and getting caught up as they try to make and tape up boxes

If you’ve spotted one or more of these problems on your floor, it’s time to learn about a better tool for getting products packaged up and out the door: automatic case erectors.

How Automatic Case Erectors Can Help

automatic case erectors
Automatic case erectors completely solve your problem of trying to build and tape up boxes in quick succession, a task that sounds easy in theory but gets incredibly complicated as the number of boxes needed increases.

With automatic case erectors, the process is simple – so simple it makes perfect sense. First, flat boxes are loaded into the hopper or a magazine by the operator. The machine then opens the box and seals the bottom with tape or glue so it’s ready for loading. The finished boxes finally exit the machine by the conveyor. You can quickly adjust the machine to take in boxes of different sizes, usually without the need for tools. A photo eye can also be used to turn the machine on and off so cases are only made when needed and resources are not wasted.

You can also customize automatic case erectors to better suit your processes and products. Adjust the machine in small, large, tall, or wide cases or to erect cases vertically or horizontally for easier loading. Certain case erector systems can also be used to erect trays and die-cut boxes as well as integrate multiple functions into a single system. For example, the machine can erect the case, allow it to be loaded (either manually or robotically) and then automatically close and seal the case.

Why Case Erectors Make Sense for Internet Fulfillment

Ergo Case ErectorGot internet orders to fulfill? Make the process easier and more efficient with a case erector to pre-pack boxes and kits. With a case erector, an automatic system will take in the popular items that need to be batch processed, making it ideal for items from sale promotions, Black Friday specials, or hot sellers that are getting attention from media campaigns.

A new carton will be erected for each shipment. Then the items are loaded into the carton either by hand or robotically loaded for massive orders. The carton is automatically closed and sealed; a shipping label can be placed on the box and staged until the release date. This same process can be performed with bags, cohesive film, or corrugated singleface to suit the products being shipped.

How Our Team Can Help

At New Tech, we know you want to get more orders out the door while reducing labor costs. Automated tools like case erectors can help you accomplish this goal. However, you also need to make sure the equipment you choose will work for your products and processes. Our team has deep experience and skill in evaluating and recommending the right equipment for a variety of industries and products.

We’ll also work with you to determine the cost justification after a packaging evaluation, so you see payback for the automation as quickly as possible. You can trust our team to stand behind our recommendations, and our top-tier manufacturers will as well.

Let us take a look at your boxes and packing process. We’re ready to find the ideal machine for your unique application!