Online shopping is changing our consumer and commercial behaviors daily. Same-day delivery services enable us to receive anything on our doorsteps just a few hours after we ordered it. This daily carousel can facilitate the processing of anything from groceries and personal product to clothing and electronics.

Companies are adapting as we speak to this spike in delivery demand to meet their customer’s needs without flaws. And more importantly, they are saving time!

However, the process of packaging products seems always to be a step behind. Even though companies are continually looking to increase their workforce, the manual packaging process is lengthy and never cost-effective.

Is your warehouse filled with the following?

  • Are there “Box Forts” from 4 to 6 feet high stacked around every working station? They need to be prepared beforehand for your workers to have them readily available when the packaging process begins.
  • Is there anthill activity where your employees are running around with boxes in the arms or using forklifts to deliver larger quantities for packaging personnel to stay on track with their schedule?
  • Are there tape guns that seem to be all over the place, but still ineffective to the workload?

Any of the above aspects may be slowing down your business, no matter how many more people you hire. There is a valuable alternative, though. Automatic case erectors.

How Using Automatic Case Erectors Can Help

Automatic Case Erectors can help in a variety of practical ways.

Automatic case erectors completely solve your problem of trying to build and tape up boxes in quick succession. This is a task that sounds easy in theory but gets incredibly complicated as the number of boxes needed increases.

Automatic case erectors are the solution to your manual build and tape boxes. They are fast, which is mandatory when large volumes of boxes are needed.

Automatic case erectors function in such a simple manner. It is hard to believe until you see it. Flat boxes are loaded manually by an operator into the hopper of the machine. The process is then fully automatic. Different robot arms and hinges open and fold the box as needed, gluing or taping it according to the set specifications.

The finished boxes exit the machine through a conveyor belt. A variation of sizes is available. Adjusting the device is easy to do, without the need for any specific tools.

We have also thought about your cost efficiency so you can use a photo-eye to turn off the machine when production is finished – no wasted resources and no extra storage space are needed.

Customizing an automatic case erector is mandatory. While some models only have the ability to adjust different sizes – small, large, wide or tall, others have the capacity to erect them horizontally or vertically, for easier loading. Advanced models come with even more impressive features: they can construct die-cut boxes, allow the box to be filled (manually or automatically) and then close and seal the box, which is ready for labeling and shipping.

How Our Team Can Help

At New Tech, we know you want to get more orders out the door while reducing labor costs. Automated tools like case erectors can help you accomplish this goal. However, you also need to make sure the equipment you choose will work for your products and processes. Our team has deep experience and skill in evaluating and recommending the right equipment for a variety of industries and products.

We’ll also work with you to determine the cost justification after a packaging evaluation, so you see payback for the automation as quickly as possible. You can trust our team to stand behind our recommendations, and our top-tier manufacturers will as well.

Let us take a look at your boxes and packing process. We’re ready to find the ideal machine for your unique application!