Our concerns are growing daily as the world engages in in-depth conversations about environmental issues. We are becoming highly aware of our responsibilities, and we seriously consider the effects of our actions. Finding a sustainable solution that leaves a lower carbon print is not only effective in the long term but gives us the power of adaptability to help our clients. Packaging solutions are one of the best ways we can adapt and make a positive change by reducing waste.

When you are trying to find a way to increase production with reduced costs, environmentally-friendly paper cushioning systems are a solution. New-Tech Packaging prides itself in providing viable solutions with automatic paper machines, which streamline processes.

These devices enable users to increase efficiency and consistency while maintaining an eco-friendly approach through the use of paper as a packaging solution. Automatic paper machines are the best alternative to air cushions and bubble wraps. They enable the packaging of sharp-edged or heavy products without the risk of damage, while also supporting the environment.

Why Automatic Paper Machines

Analyzing the benefits provided by automatic paper machines makes them the obvious choice for your packaging solutions.

  • Secure handling – The paper gets dispensed directly into a box. With automatic cutting, manual processing for every package is not required.
  • Speed – Mechanical advancement is tremendously impactful. Automatic paper machines are dispensing paper directly into the box at high-speed rates, securely and reliably.
  • Easy handling – The package is ready to use after the paper is directly administered.
  • Commercial advantage – For higher loads of paper, Automatic paper machines result in no cost compared to traditional packaging methods.

We do understand that every  business is different, so customizable options are available to suit any requirements:

  • Fan folds and paper roll selection.
  • Depending on your needs, our automatic paper machines can accommodate different paper thickness specifications.
  • 1, 2, or 3-ply paper is available. Shock absorption is better accommodated with higher ply paper, offering crushing resilience. Many businesses commonly use lower ply paper as a void filler instead of cushioning.
  • Height and tilt of the machines are available. These features enable you to integrate automatic paper machines into your setup for ease of packing.

Paper Void Fill

Financial turnaround is important to our clients. We are available to create a custom plan based on a personalized evaluation. A custom plan is the best course of action for your investment to pay for itself as soon as possible.

Providing sustainable solutions is a concern most of our customers raise frequently. We can help you give your clients what they ask for. Visiting your facilities enables us to assess your current packaging solution and provide a better, more environmentally-conscious solution. You will receive increased efficiency and financial gain.

Our team is able to assess the current methods and material and provide a personalized solution which will benefit you. The in-house demonstrations we enable you to assess the effectiveness of our automatic paper machines and how well they integrate into your organization.

For more information about automatic paper machines, contact New-Tech Packaging today.