strapping systemsProperly strapping your packages is critical to ensuring your products arrive in good condition and organized. Packages can be strapped together to transport multiple items at once and keep them together. Binding these packages also securely protects them during transport and delivery and is especially important for heavy products and loads on shipping pallets.

As important as strapping products may be, the manual method can be a major headache. This time-consuming process requires you to use hand tools to manually wrap strapping around the package or pallet. Then you must bind the items tightly by manually tensioning the strapping. Finally, to keep the strapping in place, you need to crimp a seal around it with another hand tool. This is a lot of work and is sure to slow down your processes!

paper corrugated strappingYou can increase the number of pallets and packages you get out the door without increasing your labor costs or settling for low-quality strapping. Automatic strapping equipment is designed to relieve the headache of manual strapping.

How Automatic Strapping Equipment Can Help

pipe strapping systemAutomatic strapping machines make it easier to handle the strap while automatically tensioning and sealing it, so you don’t have to. Not only does the speed of strapping increase, but you’ll also reduce labor costs. Forget having to carry carts, tools, and seals all throughout your plant!

There are three main automatic strapping machines to be aware of:

  • The battery tool: After the strap is applied manually, this tool automatically tensions the strap and seals it using friction to create a strong weld.
  • The arch machine: First, the strap is pre-fed into the machine to create a loop inside of an archway. Once the product or package enters the arch, the strap is quickly tensioned and sealed automatically.
  • The bayonet machine: Instead of strapping beneath the pallet, the strap is passed through the pallet void. The bayonet machine then pushes into the pallet void to move the strap through the void and around the pallet. Finally, the strap is automatically tensioned and sealed.

As with our other packaging automation solutions, you’ll find plenty of custom options to make strapping machines integrate seamlessly with your business operations, processes, and facilities:

  • You can apply straps horizontally or vertically around the product or package. The orientation holds or unties in the direction of placement.
  • Your machine’s size and application speed may vary and can be selected to match up optimally with your products and production rates
  • You can select your machine based on the type of strap being used whether it’s polypropylene or polyester.
  • Accommodate your product and package handling with a variety of infeed and conveyor options.
  • Compress the load while strapping to create a much tighter load.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming manual strapping processes, reach out to New-Tech Packaging. Our team will take a look at your strapping needs to determine the right level of automation for your business and facility.