strapping systems

Strapping your products properly ensures they arrive at their destinations in an organized and presentable condition. Strapping allows transportation of many items together, at the same time. Strapping also protects items during transportation and package delivery. It’s even more critical for heavy loads being transported on shipping pallets.

The process of manually strapping products can be difficult, time-consuming and involves the use of hand tools to strap pallets or packages. The items must also be bound by hand, tightening the straps to ensure they’re securely fastened. Seals are then crimped around the strapping—which requires yet another tool to secure it in place. This manual process involves a lot of work, and takes a lot of time.

Automatic strapping equipment can help increase the number of packages or pallets that get strapped without compromising the quality of the processes—all while reducing labor costs. The equipment is designed to eliminate the stress and difficulty that comes with manual strapping.

How Automatic Strapping Systems Help

Automatic strapping equipment is designed to ease handling of straps and provide automatic sealing and tightening, without your intervention. It increases the speed of strapping and reduces labor costs, because no manual work is involved. The need to carry tools, carts, and seals during strapping is completely eliminated.

3 Types of Automatic Strapping Systems

  • The Arch Machine

This device has an archway into which the strap is pre-fed to create a loop. The strap is automatically sealed and tightened the moment a package or product enters the arch.

  • The Battery Tool

The strap is applied manually, and the tool then automatically seals and tightens it using friction, creating a strong weld around the package or product.

  • The Bayonet Machine

The strap is passed through the pallet void instead of strapping it under the pallet. The machine moves into the void of the pallet to push the strap through the pallet void and around it. Next, the machine automatically seals and tightens the strap.

Just like other automation solutions for packing, custom options are available. They seamlessly integrate the automated strapping machine with your regular business processes, operations, and facilities to meet your unique needs. Some customization options available for you include:

  • Varied application speed and machine size to match your production rates and products.
  • Vertical or horizontal application of straps around your package or product. The orientation either unties or holds the package in the placement direction.
  • Machine selection based on strap type in use, be it polyester or polypropylene.
  • Load compression during strapping to develop a tighter and smaller load.
  • Varied conveyor and in-feed options for your unique package or product handling needs.

Are you tired of manual strapping of packaging due to its time-consuming, tedious, and labor-intensive nature? We can offer you a smarter solution for automated strapping of your packaging or products for shipping. We assess your strapping needs to help you choose the right automatic strapping machine for your facility or business.

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