Bestpack Automatic taperTaping boxes is one task that appears simple. After all, we tape boxes all the time to wrap presents, prepare returns, and store items. But when it comes to taping countless boxes for business operations, managing the application of the tape and the amount used becomes much more complex.

Manually closing and taping boxes shut takes up valuable time. Workers often apply more tape than needed to ensure solid closure. More than one strip of tape is usually applied, with the “legs” on the sides of the box being longer than necessary. Taking control of how the tape is applied and how much is used reduces costs and improves the appearance of packages.

Tape Boxes Better, Faster, and Cheaper

So how do you streamline and control a manual task such as the application of tape to boxes? With an automatic tape machine, you can automatically apply the correct amount of tape while using 2 inches of tape instead of 3 as the machine places the tape precisely in the center of the box. You can avoid wasting tape by applying just one strip of tape and achieve a nicer, more attractive application.

Tape machines aren’t one-size-fits-all. You can select a uniform or random tape machine depending your business needs. Uniform machines take in the same size box time after time and must be adjusted to accept another size of box. Random machines accept boxes of different heights and widths, one after another. They adjust automatically to center the box and apply the tape at the correct height on the top of the box.

Tape machines are either driven by side belts or bottom belts. Side belts work well for light-weight boxes while bottom belts are better for heavier boxes. All machines seal the box after closing. Optionally, some machines can also close the box automatically and then tape it closed.

At New-Tech Packaging, we can help you find the right tape machine for your application and goals. Our team will evaluate your packaging process and prepare a cost justification.

Leave the days of struggling to manually apply tape to boxes each day behind. Reach out to New-Tech Packaging to automate the application and reduce costs!


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