Styles come and go in the ever-changing packaging industry. The needs, demands and desires of consumers often change and evolve. Brands in the industry are often looking for new innovative ways to beat their competitors.

2019 is expected to be no different. It’ll shape and change the industry, as usual. Packaging drivers, movements, and trends are looming on the horizon for the industry in 2019. Here are 5 trends for the year:


Flexible packaging, according to an industry report, accounted for 19% of packaging materials in the U.S market. Advancement in production and materials has been attributed to this growth. The popularity of flexible packaging has been attributed to recycling initiatives and the use of eco-friendly plastics.

Flexible packaging units are easy to use, carry, and store because they are re-sealable and come in adaptable shapes. Unlike rigid packaging, they use less material and thus weigh less. Flexibles reduce costs related to e-commerce and transportation; they also have reduced impact on the environment.

Ecommerce Changes

E-commerce continues to dominate the marketplace as physical stores close down. It’s growing in popularity and the trend will continue into 2019. Packaging will become personalized, innovative and attractive to keep up with changes in e-commerce as businesses work on differentiating their brands.

Brands will also be keen on finding the balance between using enough packaging material without causing wastage and impacting the environment.

Environmental Awareness

Sustainable packaging is geared toward protecting the planet. Biodegradable materials, such as hemp, paper, fungi, and algae are increasingly being used to manufacture product packaging.

Using less material reduces product weight, translating to less energy required for transportation, which results in a reduced carbon footprint, as well as lower production costs and better brand reputation.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist designs reduce materials and production costs, and help save the environment. Minimalist use of text also translates to clarity, simplicity, and thus transparency. As a result, it enhances consumer trust and loyalty. Minimalist design also involves effective use of empty spaces, color, and unique fonts.


Vintage packaging will continue to trend into 2019. However, brands must keep their packaging modern and innovative to succeed in the competitive market.

The food and drink industry is fond of producing and using packing with a retro feel. Nostalgia is a powerful tool, giving consumers an emotional response.

Vintage packaging is authentic and familiar to the consumer, making products with that kind of packaging look more trustworthy than new, modern designs.

Innovation is all about developing products that are novel, unique, and functional. However, the unknown can be anxiety-inducing to the consumer…which explains why vintage packaging is a viable and lucrative option for most brands.The consumer is familiar with it and more likely to trust it than new packaging designs. When consumers trust a brand, they’re likely to buy more from them.

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