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Void Fill is a major topic of interest for most distribution centers in Memphis. Our customers want to know what will protect their product, won’t increase freight costs, and has an attractive, competitive price point.

One of our clients was interested in finding ways to cut void fill costs. After testing products from various manufacturers, the decision was made to go with the Recycled Air Pillows that withstood the weight test of 120lbs. If the air pillows could withstand 120 lbs, the client was confident that their product would be protected.

These Recycled Air Pillows are 100% recycled and green in color, immediately relaying to the consumer that this company is proactive in their role to protect our environment, not to mention the immediate cost savings. After a few days of using the new product and machinery, it was determined that the employees quickly adapted to the operation of the new equipment and there was no “down time”.  In fact, the employees liked working with the pillows better than their previous void fill; they felt they loaded into their boxes easier and quicker.

Our customers appreciate the modernistic approach to helping their customers reduce cost through the combination of savings in labor, materials, and freight.