Retailers have precise requirements when it comes to the packaging of your products. You’ll probably need to consider creating new assortments, configurations, or case counts. For some manufacturers, packaging is something of a chore. We look at it as a way to create fresh, innovative displays. Innovation is not a big issue when it comes to new products, but what happens to your existing ones? You’ll need to repackage them fast to get them out. Repackaging can be problematic if your factory doesn’t have the facilities to do it.

Repackaging can be especially problematic in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The FDA requirements in these areas are strict. Being non-compliant could mean expensive recalls and hefty fines. Why take a chance on something so important? Partner with New Tech Packaging and enjoy a full range of packaging solutions. Our team will work with you to ensure that your products are up and ready to go fast.

Why Choose New Tech Packaging?

We’re one of America’s leading repackaging companies for good reason – our outstanding service. Thirty years of experience in this industry has allowed us to build up an exceptional track record. We’re here to offer fast, good-quality packaging solutions to make your products shine.

We have a comprehensive understanding of FDA and retailer packaging requirements. We also understand how important speed and accuracy are for your business.

That’s why we offer customizable services for our clients. Each product is unique, and we treat them as such. Our team will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Let us help you meet your goals through a tailor-made solution. From the moment we receive your products, we handle them professionally and efficiently. Our comprehensive, robust quality management system allows us to monitor each stage of the process.

We’re a Registered FDA Re-Packager

If you need high-value items, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices repackaged, we’re here for you. We’re able to assist with basic repackaging according to different doses or configurations.

Why a Custom Solution is Essential

Perhaps it’s just the tertiary packaging that you need to change. We’ll help you reduce costs by keeping the primary packaging intact.
If you need your case-count to be adjusted, we can assist. We can:
• Repackage existing cases
• Bundle
• Band
• Load caddies

We’re able to pack your retail items in:
• Shrinkwrap
• Sleeves
• Folding cartons
• Blisters

Contact Us Today

Packaging plays a vital role in the success of your product ranges. Partner with us for innovative and fresh packaging solutions. We’re standing by to answer any questions you might have about:

• Repackaging projects
• Countertop displays
• Contract rework packaging
• Contract shrink packaging
• And a lot more besides

Speak to one of our experienced consultants about what options suit your product the best. We’ll help you streamline the packaging process so that you can focus on producing more product. Speak to us today for an affordable, high-quality solution to your packaging needs.

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