Customers all over the world are becoming more informed and educated in the field of environmental protection. This world is not only ours but our children’s as well. When we look for products to purchase, we must ask questions and use scientific information to choose our providers according to their environmental impact.

This is why we would like to present a few tips for eco-friendly packaging that will make your brand even more appealing to your clientele.

Ask for backed-up Information

Choosing a material supplier based only on their sales offers, however economical it may be, it not your best course of action. Long-term sustainability is what you’re looking for. Ask them for a detailed presentation is essential. Ask about the materials you want to purchase as well as their manufacturing processes, recycling options, and waste disposal partnerships.

Asking these questions will help you figure out if your visions align. You’ll choose between multiple suppliers more efficiently, having all the facts on hand.

Don’t Over Pack

If you’re wasting eco-friendly materials by using larger boxes than needed or using extra padding for safety, then you’re going nowhere. While you might be doing the best you can, you need to think about your client as well. Not everyone is involved in recycling. So, the more unwanted material you send out, the more might end up in the trash.

This will not only help reduce unwanted waste, but it might also reduce your costs. For small packages, select padded envelopes instead of boxes. Another option is to choose inserts to eliminate void instead of shredded paper products or foam peanuts. Foam peanuts always end up in the trash, and they never get recycled.

Keep it Minimal

Most often, vendors try to achieve eco-friendly status by using recycled materials. However, even if you use recycled cardboard for your packages, you can still make mistakes. Some say that how you present a gift is half of its value.

We find this to be false. If your customer doesn’t specifically ask for special packaging, don’t do it. Keep it simple. You will not only avoid using extra materials like laminates, coatings, or links, but you will also save money.

Yes, you can offer individual packing options at an extra cost. Make a clear statement that the added cost is the customer’s responsibility toward your goal to be a more environmentally focused company. A small percentage of the added costs could actually be redirected to a recycling-focused startup or facility.

Consider New Materials

Recycled paper is the world’s most renowned eco-friendly material. It’s not the only one out there. By now, you should already know that. Unique and innovative materials, like milk protein inks, are available. Plant-based packing peanuts are another option, as compared to the foam ones.

You have options. Do your research. Ask questions. And most importantly, don’t settle. Choose what is best for your company and for your brand.

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