Protecting your inventory and personal belongings is your number one priority when it comes to shipping and storing your valuables and other items. And that protection starts from the inside out with custom foam insert packaging that is lightweight, water-resistant and offers better protection over bubble wrap and individual foam pieces.

Custom foam packaging is best for shipping office equipment, computers, aircraft parts, medical devices, and much more. Your fragile items can easily break if they are not adequately secure in your packaging. Foam inserts can protect any item, no matter its size, from a small Fabergé egg to a home AC unit.

Why You Should Choose Foam for Your Protective Packaging

Custom foam box inserts are sturdier than other forms of insulation and can help protect your items better during shipping and other hazardous conditions.

  • Damage protection – Custom foam inserts can go around the entire item and cut to fit precisely, protecting your items from damage from drops and scratching.
  • Better insulation – Foam inserts can help keep temperature-sensitive items at a constant temperature.
  • Customizable – Foam is easy to cut to precision and fits expensive items like camera equipment stays safe during transport.

Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Foam Packaging

There are two types of foam for protecting your items: polyurethane, which can absorb liquid, and polyethylene, which is non-absorbent. Knowing the benefits of using foam inserts when shipping your items can help avoid damage to your customer’s items during shipping.

Preparing for the Worst

Don’t assume the shipping company you use will be careful with your fragile items. Numerous things can happen during shipping that even the most safety-conscious company cannot avoid. Protecting your items with a complete packaging system with a durable container and foam packaging gives your items the ultimate protection.

Item Weight

The weight of the item you are shipping will determine the type and how much foam it will take to protect your item. Heavier items will require thicker foam to prevent damage from shock or vibration.

Protecting the Inside From the Outside

For the best packaging solution to protect your items, foam inserts inside a sturdy container are your best bet for keeping your items safe. Using plastic instead of corrugated cardboard will give you extra protection for more peace of mind.

Shipping Certifications

Federal shipping regulations dictate the proper way to protect items while shipping to ensure the protective inserts are adequate to handle the different shipping hazards, like accidental drops, weather, and poor traveling conditions.

Call NewTECH Packaging For All of Your Custom Foam Packaging Needs

NewTECH Packaging is your first choice for protecting your office equipment, important documents, and other valuables for all of your shipping and storage needs. Their foam packaging meets all federal guidelines for protective packaging, and they perform all of their foam production in-house. Your items will be adequately secure within their sturdy custom boxes with foam packaging.

To learn more about how custom foam inserts can help keep your items safe, call (901) 466-8770 today to learn more about our products.