Clamshell packaging includes two joined pieces of packaging materials that completely surrounds the product contained within.  Typically, the packaging material used is thermoformed plastic and is sealed along the edges.

Since clamshell packaging is custom fitted to the product, it can be very versatile and offers a wide variety of applications.

What are some of the benefits of clamshell packaging?

Clamshell Packaging Offers Protection.

Your product is protected by using clamshell packaging.  By using clamshell packaging, your product is protected during transit and it is protected from poor storage conditions.  Clamshell packaging will secure your product from airborne contaminants and keep your product fresh during storage.

Clamshell Packaging Will Keep Your Product More Secure

Clamshell packaging is often used to keep high-end items (such as cell phone cases or computer accessories) more secure.  Due to the sealing process of clamshell packaging, product tampering is very difficult.  The pharmaceutical industry often packages products in clamshell packaging to offer another level of security to the product inside.

Clamshell Packaging Is Transparent

Because the plastic that is used in the clamshell packaging process is clear, this offers consumers the change to see exactly what they are purchasing.  It also allows the consumer to see that the product is new and without any defects.  

Clamshell Packaging is Versatile

No matter the size or shape of your product, clamshell packaging could work for you.  Clamshell packages can be customized to accommodate your product and seal it in the protective plastic to protect it from outside elements.

New-Tech Packaging offers a variety of clamshell packaging to meet your needs.  Let our team help you come up with a custom packaging solution to fit your needs.  Contact us today to learn more!