Setting up a functional work line is more than just providing the required materials and tools. It’s about your employees as well. Even though you think you’re offering the best work conditions, you could be wrong without even knowing it.

Adaptable to Fit any Need

You have multiple departments. Each one has a specific set of tasks that need to be delivered. What you did not think about is that within those departments, your employees are performing different tasks.

Having the same workstation for everyone could turn into a logistic and productivity fail sooner rather than later. While some might use the workstation to assemble large boxes manually, others could be using it for small ones.

Adaptive storage space enables your employees to organize their materials and needs. But it’s essential that the surrounding area is not cluttered. Imagine a clean workstation with adjustable shelves and racks. Imagine a station where unfolded boxes need to be stacked up next to it because they don’t fit in the storage area.

Ergonomic Considerations

The packaging industry usually relies on repetitive movements. Repetitive movement brings the benefit of a simple task with little room for error. But by the end of a shift, it can lead to stressed muscles and pain. These “simple” symptoms are the most common causes of decreases in your workers’ productivity.

Pain can cause an employee to work slower. And this will affect their target. This can either generate a loss of clients or the need for overtime. Remember this: the overtime will be performed by the same employees who are already slower than the pace you require.


Adjustable workstations are also an advantage if your facility runs 24/7 with employees working in shifts. While multiple people can perform the same action, being ready to fulfill their physical needs is important.

Most customizable workstations come with the advantage of adjustable heights. This will enable both a 5ft and a 7ft employee to maintain a healthy posture while working. This will also avoid muscle contractions, which can lead to fatigue, muscle strain, and pain.

High-end model workstations offer this option with hydraulic connectors, enabling the height (and even angle) of the work surface to be modified automatically and effortlessly.

Reduced Costs

The last aspect of this list regards your finances. You could say that customizable workstations cost more than an ordinary workstation. Think of it less of a cost and more of an investment.

We explained above that standard workstations can affect your employees’ productivity. This is just one way you can look at it. Consider the possibility of your employees injuring themselves due to repetitive stress.

These injuries most often lead to paid time-off. There are exceptional cases where an injury can occur in the workplace, making it a work accident with more severe consequences for your company.

Customizable workstations have the advantage of meeting the needs of 90% of operators. Improving this aspect in your facility might just turn out to bring a higher return on investment.