Finding the right product to store your essential documents and other belongings can help you save money and space when choosing custom corrugated packaging for your packaging solutions.

Today’s corrugated box is more than just four sides and a lid. There are many different varieties of boxes to help you store your valuables:

  • Regular slotted
  • Half slotted
  • Overlapped
  • One-piece folding
  • Five-panel
  • Die-cut
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Double cover
  • Rectangular vertical

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Packaging

There are more benefits to using custom boxes than people think. You can better protect your items and save space in your storage area when you custom fit a package to a size that perfectly fits the item.

  • Better protection – Standard boxes will not adequately protect your valuables without extra padding and protection. A custom box can be fit precisely to an item’s dimension to help keep it more secure.
  • Better for the environment – Cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, helping reduce the strain on renewable resources and landfills.
  • Branding options – Custom printed corrugated boxes can help you advertise your company and services and are printed directly on the box, giving it a more professional appearance.
  • Reduces cost – Corrugated boxes are one of the most inexpensive packaging solutions around. Custom packaging can also help you save on shipping as your packages are typically smaller and can save on space in your warehouse or storage unit.
  • Customizable – On top of custom sizes to fit any item, corrugated boxes can be customizable with different treatments and adhesives and can be made fire-resistant.
  • Easy to handle – Corrugated boxes can be broken down and easily put away, taking up minimal space. They are lightweight and easy to set up when you need to use them.

With the availability of so many different box styles, it can be easy to see why custom corrugated packaging can help you save money. Corrugated boxes are cheaper than other materials, and the smaller box sizes reduce the amount of storage space you need.

Choosing the Right Corrugated Box Design For Better Storage

Renting storage space can be expensive. When you use standard boxes to store your belongings, you are wasting precious space with bigger boxes than the items inside, costing you more money and risking damage to delicate items.

Seasonal decorations and items need storing the majority of the year. Having custom corrugated box designs to help you store seasonal items will help keep these items looking new for years.

If you store heavy items on top of each other, you need to be familiar with the Edge Crush Test. ECT is the amount of pressure or weight that boxes can withstand. A standard corrugated box can handle up to 32 pounds of pressure before collapsing. Custom boxes with thicker sides will have a higher ECT number and withstand items that weigh more.

NewTECH Packaging Has All of Your Custom Corrugated Packaging Needs

At NewTECH Packaging, we do a packaging audit that allows us to accurately provide you with the right custom corrugated boxes to save you money and storage space. When you are ready to protect your important documents and valuables with a cost-effective solution, call us at (901) 466-8770 and learn more about our custom corrugated boxes