Foam is a versatile packing material. It can be used alongside other materials to keep your products safe and secure.

Why Use Foam Packaging?

Foam packaging protects your product from:
• Shocks: If there’s a chance that the product might be jostled, dropped, or subjected to sorting systems, you might need the extra protection foam provides.
• Surface scratches: Foam provides more than just shock protection. It also provides a physical barrier between the product and the outside world.
• Temperature changes: If your product is sensitive to outside temperatures, foam can provide an insulating layer for it.

We Can Mold Foam Exactly to Your Specifications

If you’re manufacturing high-end medical devices, you can’t risk them rolling around in the case. Our custom-fitted foam packaging is perfect when there’s no room for error.
Our unique five-step process ensures that your packaging is perfect:
Step 1: We design the packaging around your specifications.
Step 2: We create a prototype for testing.
Step 3: We run it through a range of tests to ensure that it offers the level of protection you require.
Step 4: We have our results validated by a third-party lab or ship-test.
Step 5: We present the findings for your final approval.

Are we a little too thorough? Perhaps, but we prefer to err on the side of caution. We won’t tell you that your product is safe in our packaging unless we’re sure it is.

We’ve created packaging for, amongst other things, the following:
• Air conditioner base pads
• Laptop package protection
• Aircraft components
• Medical devices
• Computer and electronic components

Why Choose New Tech For Your Foam Packaging Needs?

Businesses today are under severe pressure. Even when the company is doing well, managers are expected to increase sales and reduce costs. By partnering with us, your packaging is the one thing you don’t have to worry about. We use high-tech methods and the latest research and development to come up with better packaging methods. Our research team actively looks for ways to improve all of our products. Foam may seem simple, but it’s high-tech. It packs a big punch when it comes to protecting your products. It will cradle your product if someone at the shipping company drops it 5 feet. It prevents it from getting scratched up during transit. It keeps the temperature constant over long trips. Foam is not the solution for every product, but it is the best protective option.

Our Promise to You

Our tech and your product are soulmates. We promise that our packaging is:
• Better: We’re the company with the most thorough vetting process in the industry. We can confidently say that our product is better because we’ve tested it.
• Faster: Store the finished product with us for up to 45 days to save space. When you need it, it’ll reach you on the same day or the day after.
• Cheaper: Are there better packing products out there? Yes, depending on how much you want to pay. We engineer your packaging with an eye on giving you the best combination of cost-effectiveness and protection.

Get in touch – let’s work together to find you the best packaging solution.