As a business, it’s important to consider all methods for packaging. With our extensive market, there are different ways to wrap your products. However, not all of them are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, or sustainable. One of the most protective forms of packaging is shrink wrapping. But why should you consider making the switch?

Better Protection
Once you apply the shrink wrap to the product, you’ll need to heat it, and the wrapping ends up tightly sticking to the product. This creates a fully protective seal that encases the wrapped product. It’s highly protective against water damage, dust buildup, or tearing. On top of that, it may even protect makeup, food, and topical medicines from harmful UV rays.

Enhanced Durability
Unlike plastic, cardboard, or other types of materials, shrink wrap consistently stays durable. It’s made from a thick plastic material that binds together when exposed to heat, which enables the wrap to become tear resistant. It’s not weak, can’t be damaged, and no known dirt, grime, or moisture can infest the product inside. This barrier keeps your product safe during transportation and makes it easy to unwrap for your consumers.

Prevents Tampering
Once you’ve applied the shrink wrap to your product, it’s very noticeable if anyone has tampered with it. It’s easier to tamper with other forms of packaging without drawing attention to the fact. Boxes can be refolded, plastic packaging can be placed back together, and bags can be resealed. However, once you remove shrink wrap it can’t be mended. You’ll be able to see the rip in the wrap, and any attempt to cover it up will be noticeable. This can help deter thieves or customers from tampering with the product.

Cost Efficient
Among other packaging options, shrink wrap is very affordable for companies. It’s crafted to be very thin and can be packed together to help minimize space when not in use. You’ll be able to cover a large number of products with just one roll of shrink wrap paper. Boxes, bags, and other forms of packaging require space, and you’ll likely need multiple sizes to get the job done. It’s more efficient to go with the option that you can use on everything for a standard price.

On top of that, it can be placed on any size or shape of a product. The size, weight, height, and width don’t matter. Shrink wrap can be wrapped around oddly shaped items, including cars, books, figures, and many more. With other types of packaging, you’d have to draft a design for the package and get it specially made to fit the shape. However, shrink wrap can be applied directly to a product. If the product is larger than the shrink wrap, you can wrap multiple layers until it’s fully covered.

Shrink wrap packaging is an innovative method for wrapping products efficiently. Keep them protected by covering them and then sealing the products with heat. The shrink wrap will mold to the product ensuring that it will be safe for transport. Not only that, but shrink wrap is made from recyclable plastic, so you’re also doing something for the environment.