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Packaging Audits


At New Tech Packaging, we refuse to treat packaging like a simple commodity product. We address 12 strategic cost drivers in a Packaging Audit, that will save you money and increase value.  Learn more >>

Box Line


Some processes are manual and inefficient.  It’s important to determine whether the manual process is necessary, and if so, can it be made more efficient.  Or, can the manual process be automated, eliminating manpower costs & improving throughout.  Learn more >>

Package Design


Your company is in a continuous design state. You’re constantly tweaking your products and processes to meet the needs of your customers and your marketplace.  It’s important that your packaging is evolving too.  Learn more >>

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From purchasing to logistics and from engineering to management, packaging plays a vital role in the success of your business. At New-Tech, we understand that your expectations for your packaging may vary, depending on your roles and responsibilities within your company. Purchasers are tasked with finding the absolute lowest line item costs.  Logistics needs to get the product to the customer with the lowest possible freight cost. Engineers are tasked with protecting the product and minimizing damage expenses. Meanwhile, upper management has to evaluate the bigger picture, taking all aspects into account to find the best possible return on investment. At New-Tech, we understand that everybody has a job to do.  We’ll work hand in hand with you and the other departments within your company, to make sure that everybody’s needs are met perfectly.

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Let’s discuss how to manage your packaging Better, Faster and Cheaper. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about coroplast, packaging material, expanded polystyrene, packaging machines or any of our other services.

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