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Appearance Matters in Product Display

With the right display, you can highlight your product’s most important features, catch your customer’s eye, build your brand, and ultimately sell more products. At New-Tech, we’re committed to getting your products where they need to be as soon as possible, in a display that reflects your brand’s messaging and delivers cost savings into your customers’ hands.

New-Tech Display & Fulfillment Services

At New-Tech, we look for ways to deliver cost savings. We can make use of the package itself to support the display and reduce material costs. We can also tailor our displays to the retail store where the product will be sold, optimizing it on the pallet, and maximizing the product count in each display (lowering your display cost per unit rate).

various products for display and contract fulfillment services
display of products ni packages on a pallet
display of products ni packages on a pallet


Trays or PDQs present your product ready-to-sell on the store shelf. Retailers insist on them to make their merchandising more efficient and to attractively present your product.

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products in a package tray
a power wing display of products in an aisle
products in power wings packaging

Clip Strips

Clip strip displays allow your product to be merchandised in additional departments or at the cash register for incremental sales growth.

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products in clip strips packaging

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