Automate Your Packaging Process

As unemployment rates continue to decrease, finding and keeping low-skilled workers is becoming even more of a challenge for businesses who rely on human capital to perform repetitive tasks such as preparing packages and taping boxes. Many organizations are also facing the question of how to best create value with an impending $15.00 an hour minimum wage. Tasks like taping boxes, applying labels, and hand wrapping pallets are absolutely necessary but don’t create value.

So what’s the answer? Packaging automation takes care of these simple but repetitive tasks so you can move your workers to more valuable tasks in your operation, ensuring a more productive use of human capital.

Increase Value of Labor by Automating Low-Value Tasks

With packaging machinery, you can reduce labor costs and increase productivity at the same time. With production demands on the rise, packaging automation allows you to get those costs down while operating better, faster, and cheaper.

Packaging automation typically pays for itself within a year and will lower your labor costs from the first day. At New-Tech Packaging, we can perform a packaging evaluation and prepare a cost justification. We understand how important it is to keep productivity levels high and retain value within your organization. Instead of throwing more labor at the problem and draining profit, we’ll help you automate those repetitive tasks in a way that makes sense for your organization and helps you reach your goals.

View our Packaging Automation solutions at-a-glance:

Air Cushioning Systems

Pregis HC BubbleNew-Tech can automate the process of loading void fill or cushioning into shipping cartons, instead of doing this manually.

Here are some examples:

  • Make bubble on demand for cushioning as the product is loaded into the carton
  • Using an overhead delivery system, make and send air pillows to multiple workstations
  • Replace bulky foam inserts with custom-engineered inflatable packaging to cushion or block and brace

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Carton Erectors and Closers

Carton ErectorsManually erecting cartons is inefficient and time consuming. New-Tech automates carton erecting with highly efficient machinery with quick changeovers. We engineer the solution to match the demands of your packaging line with low, medium or high speed operation.

Once filled New-Tech supplies automatic or semi-automatic case closing and tapers to accommodate similarly sized cartons (uniform) or completely random box sizes. Learn More >>

Paper Systems

packaging system machinePackages with sharp objects or which require void fill in small spaces can benefit from paper void fill and cushioning systems. New-Tech automates this process with machines at individual workstations and where multiple lines feed into a centralized pack out and closing area.  Learn More >>


Auto BaggerNew-Tech makes it easy to automatically bag or pouch your items into clear or printed bags. Automating this process is much less expensive than using Ziploc or wicketed bags. Our systems allow top loading, side loading or fully automatic using feeders.
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Mailer Systems

automated mailer systems for packing and shippingFor businesses that ship their products in Kraft mailers, bubble mailers or foam-lined mailers, New-Tech can significantly improve productivity. Our systems create and seal the mailer around your product. This speeds and simplifies product loading creating a rapid return on investment for high volume mailer users.

Strapping Systems

Wulftec Pallet StarpperInstead of manually applying strapping to your product, cartons or pallets New-Tech can automate this process to save time and money.

Here are a few examples:

  • Battery-powered and pneumatic hand tools allow plastic strapping to be applied much faster than with manual tools. This is relatively inexpensive as an entry point to automation.
  • Arch strap machines help to unitize products or cartons quickly and efficiently. These can also be made large enough to strap entire pallets.
  • Strap machines can also be equipped with bayonets (inserting strap through the pallet void) or with compression systems.

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Shrink Wrappers

shrink wrapper - shrink wrapping system for packaging productsWe can automate your shrink wrapping to a style and speed that fits your products and line layout. Here are a few examples:

  • From manual wrapping a next step might be an automatic L-bar Sealer like the one pictured, which allows speeds of 20-30 packages per minute.
  • Higher speeds can be attained with inline side-seal machines with speeds of 60 to 100 packages per minute
  • New-Tech also provides shrink tunnels, sleeve wrappers and stretch sleeve machines.

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Tape Machines and Dispensers

Bestpack Automatic taperTape machines can automate carton creation and/or carton closure. New-Tech will evaluate your operation to determine and propose the machine that is just right for your applications.

Here are some different options to consider:

  • Machines can handle similar size boxes (uniform) or different sizes (random).
  • They can apply pressure sensitive tape or water activated tape.
  • Machines can automatically close the flaps (fully automatic) or allow the operator to close them (semi-automatic).
  • They can carry your carton on a bottom belt, with side belts, or with special handling operations.

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Stretch Wrappers

Wulftec Straddle machineInstead of manually applying hand film to a pallet, you can automate this process with stretch wrap machinery to unitize your loads and contain and protect your product during shipment. There are three main styles of stretch wrappers and New-Tech supplies them all:

  • The pallet can be moved into the wrap zone so that a wrap arm can move around the pallet as it applies film (pictured).
  • A stretch wrapper may provide a turntable that rotates the load while the film is applied from the roll carriage as it moves up and down the mast.
  • The load can move by conveyor horizontally through a wrap zone as the roll carriage orbits the load or product.

New-Tech provides service for all makes of stretch wrappers and is an authorized dealer of Wulftec stretch systems when new equipment is desirable.

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Foam In Place Systems

foam packaging automationIrregularly-shaped and fragile items are often difficult to prepare for transit as basic packaging methods fail to account for their shape and delicate nature. The right packaging solution will conform to the shape of your product and provide extra support as needed. Foam-in-place systems do just that through a single flexible foam solution.

These systems are simple to use and can even protect heavy, bulky products.

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Blister Sealing Machines

blister machinesBlister packaging machines allow for a great deal of customization while increasing operational efficiency. Sealed clamshell, blister, full face blister, and trapped blister packages allow you to:

  • Prepare individual compartments for products
  • Portion out the right serving or dosage for food products and medicine
  • Increase the visibility of your products and branding
  • Keep products secure and in place during transit

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Make Packaging Automation Work for Your Operations and Goals

Through a personalized packaging audit, we’ll gather key insights into your labor costs and productivity rates. That way, we can select the ideal piece of equipment, appropriate for your volume and application. Next, we’ll prepare a written economic justification to use for the capital expenditure process.

We can also help you achieve higher profitability results from day one through our financing options. Our programs range from simple leasing to programs based on monthly cycles of use. You can pay for the automation separately or as part of the consumables you‘ve purchased.

Our technical and service staff  are ready to help you implement your project, install the equipment, and keep it in service after the sale. We also offer predictive maintenance programs.

Most important of all, we understand the packaging process and stand behind our machinery as do our manufacturers. We work with many types of companies, and some of these other industries are sure to have best practices appropriate for your business.

If you’re ready to automate repetitive tasks and uncover areas to add value in you organization, it’s time to have our team take a look at these tasks. Our manufacturers are top-tier! Both New-Tech Packaging and our manufacturers stand behind our machinery. Contact us now to get started!


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