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Accurate and Quick Packaging Services

Your products deserve to shine wherever they’re on display for purchase. At New-Tech, we have the resources to design, produce, and package your products. Shrink bundling offers packaging perfect for protecting products from being tampered with while in store and is perfect for bundling products together for an attractive multipack.  Cartoning is an alternative to shrink bundling offering similar benefits for retail display.

New-Tech Shrink Bundling Services

  • Packages can be wrapped traditionally, fully enclosed in film or with shrink sleeves (with options for both printed and clear displays).
  • Bring us your packaging ideas or let our team of packaging experts wow you with suggestions. We’ll guide you through the process and make things as easy as possible.


New-Tech Cartoning

  • Automated machines erect retail cartons and fill the cartons with the customer product for retail readiness.
  • Maintains branding and easy-to-read product explanation for consumers.
  • Great alternative to shrink bundling.
  • Ideal for cosmetics, beauty products, and more.


various packages that have been shrink wrapped

New-Tech, an FDA-Registered Partner


We’re FDA registered and have a quality system in place (ISO 9001 and FDA 21CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820).


We have a secured, quarantined area. 


We monitor all activities within our facility and control access to it through an electronic surveillance system.


We’re a trusted partner, with non-disclosure agreements available for your peace of mind.

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